Random Character Class?


Will there be the option to chose a random (?) class in which once the game starts you will be assigned to either Assault, Medic, Support, or Trapper? If so, I’d assume you’d earn more xp/points?

Spending too much time thinking about this game…


i believe it would be very good for the game to just get the people on some roles that way anyone cant play 1 role forever :d


Yeah I think it will be same way as Left 4 dead, where you can also choose random.


Might be the war who gets to play goliath :9


Yeah I’m thinking about that as well.


I’m sure there will be some kind of rotation method! :metal:


I think it will be the same as Left 4 Dead, players can choose which character they want to be as long as it is available.
In this way you will sometimes be forced to play as a, for example, trapper. Which is pretty nice in my opinion, in this way you can experience each type of hunter and may think; “Ooh I actually like this one’s playstyle!”

That would be really nice in my opinion.


that way players can just spam goliath and after match join another and again spam goliath this wouldnt work so well :confused: