Ran into this today... (ClickBait.. just saying...)



@Jayrob2k72 Its meant to happen… Lets make this happen… huehue. How much moolah do we need?


I wanna play!


Where was this taken?


Inside a Cineplex. My girlfriend and I had gone to see Logan. She saw that in the washroom and her mother (who was with us… ) went and took a picture of it.

We all got a good laugh.


Quick, tag all the GTA peopls


Holy crap, the monsters already look big on my screen, imagine on a megaplex one.

‘Whoah, it looks like this molten rock is coming right at me’ . . . BAM.


So I will be exploring this for sure.

Just going through an incredibly hectic week(S) with RL.

This Sunday I should have a registration document, along with a better idea of timeline.

Although it will be in the GTA, which theatre hasn’t yet to be determined, as I need to contact a few people.

If you, or if you know anyone who might be interested, who’s local to the Greater Toronto Area, along with surrounding Ontario areas, let them know!!!

The more he better!!!