Ramdisk, dimmdrive, and evolve. Anyone with experience?


So i recently stumbled upon a program named Dimmdrive ( www.Dimmdrive.com ).

It caught my eye because during the big alpha, i could play the game smooth on day one with my settings cranked all the way up, but on day two and all the days following, i had to accept playing the game on Medium (game looks great on medium tho, but thats besides the point).

So does any of our forum users here, have any experience with ramdisks, or with Dimmdrive specifically. and did you use it with evolve during the BigAlpha?, or other games (preferably big games as i would prefer to load the whole thing on my ram).

if so, what were the gains/drawbacks during the alpha, and what are your general experience with ramdisks / Dimmdrive.


Those sites are not needed, the alpha had performance issues on PC and they are aware of that. I have a decent laptop and had to use 800x600 resolution on low graphics :smile:

And i would never trust those sites lol ^^


True it was unstable in Alpha.I dunno why but with my i5 and HD7950 3GB i could play with everything on ultra and no lag at all.Yet i saw someone with GTX780 complaining about playing on low.Didn’t research it much since i was enjoying the game in max settings :smiley:


Normally i don’t even look twice, but this program doesn’t look like the typical shit people put out to be honest. and the creators tutorials on youtube doesn’t really seem like its bogus either, (I’m very sceptical about what i put onto my system, so it’s not something i haven’t looked closely at)

The program apparantly integrates directly with steam (if you use it), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w6YhDTozhs is an example of his recent update.


Well i would wait until the beta ( if PC gets one ) and see if the performance issues are fixed before using it tho :slight_smile:


On day one i was in the same boat as you :slight_smile: , im currently running a 2600K, GTX680 4GB and 8gigs of ram + an SSD (obviously, cause who the hell plays games today without an ssd :smiley: )
But after day one i had to turn it down to medium, no tessalation and only 2x txaa @ 1080P.

I know the alpha had issues that will (hopefully) be ironed out before release, but this is strictly because i want the best possible performance outta my system to come.