Raining Cupcakes!


So again, yesterday while farming for Emet’s mastery I was playing on Murder Pits when suddenly the meat grinder started raining cupcakes! It dropped four cupcakes in rapid succession and then stopped, they even had jiggle physics!

I have never seen anyone mention this or show any proof or anything so for as far as I know I was the first to experience this. Unfortunately however my “Shadow Play” acted up and was deactivated so I couldn’t record them falling but I could screenshot them all lying together!

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detective VALHALLA is on the case!


Congratulations, Shredder! You are the first one to trigger the 1 in a million chance cupcake food spawn. You shall now forever be known as Cupcake! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now go find the other cupcakes…

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: D Cool! ^^;;


Wait… so did I really get a one in a million chance four times in a row? O_o

@LadieAuPair Well since I am apparently now known as “Cupcake” I must spend the remainder of my life looking for them.


No, there is a 1 in a million chance that ALL food on Slaughterhouse will be replaced by cupcakes for a round. That is what you triggered.

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Oh! Still one in a million, jeez. I was in a Skype call and my friend thought I was insane when I started laughing and just saying “A cupcake fell, two cupcakes, THREE, WHY IS IT RAINING… FOUR!!!”


That’s awesomeeee. I’m jealous. :c


omg thats awesome!


Am I the only one who immediately thought of this when I saw the title?

That’s pretty cool though. You have a better chance of finding a shiny pokemon than getting the cupcake spawn!


Good job cupcake, you have earned my respect, you earned it before, but you just earned it again.


case closed :sunglasses:


Good job detective Valhala, another case has been shut down thanks to you.


you just earned my respect cupcake wich is also a one in a million chance of happening good job your a lucky cupcake


…Why is this actually a thing? I like it, but who thought of this?


Yes, and I have been dubbed “Cupcake”.

My new name shall be known.


There you go, Cupcake.


I am so insanely envious of you right now. This is AWESOME!!


@10shredder00 I’m going to kill you, take your face, and become you. I’m a little too jealous.