Ragnarock Skin Pack ((Issue?))


I am mostly playing Assault class recently and only Torvald since he was released. I just bought a Ragnarock Assault Skin pack only to realise that there are is no skin template included for Torvald.
1 - Will it there be one for Torvald released at a later stage?
2 - Dont you think it should be stated that skin for Torvald is not included in the pack ?
3 - If not in the plans to add one for Torvald is there a way i could be refunded?
Ty in advance.

P.s. I am not interested in people opinion on the topic please keep it clean I would like an official answer on my topic only if possible. But i guess trolls will always be trolls :wink:


It is. It clearly states that ONLY Markov, Hyde and Parnell are included.

Contact Steam/Xbox/PSN Support.


Then I guess I was THAT blind? lol …ty that’s unfortunate :wink: lock thread ty for effort.



It has been said already that new Hunters will be getting their exclusive skins.

It is already stated.

There are no refunds for downloadable content.