Ragequitting in Evac: Monster gets screwed


There needs to be a stronger system in order to prevent ragequitters in evac games. I’ve had three sets ruined in day 3-4 because after losing two matches the hunters will just all leave despite receiving the auto balance.It’s very frustrating because I really wanna play defend but I can never get that far without everyone quitting!

I suggest that there’s no reward or player progression in evac until the end of the 5th day, or a ragequit timer that increases every time you do it. So for example, if you are between the second and third day and you quit, you can’t join a new game for at least 5 minutes, if you do it again within a 6 hour period, the timer becomes 15 mins. Also, if you quit after a loss, the timer could be +50%.

Evac is a series of games not just one game. It can all be won at the last moment. The first time it happened, I was losing 3-0 as monster then dominated the 4th game and everyone just quit, ruining the series. Kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Evacuation Progress lost when hunters ragequit

It has begun xD


Sounds like a problem with them, bro. If they are truly serious about the game you’re playing (if that makes any sense) then they won’t just rage quit as soon as things start to go south. A good gamer doesn’t just quit, a good gamer takes defeats and learns from them.


Tell that to the hundreds of people that quit out of VS in L4D. It’s a shitty thing to do but a large majority of people do it. I like the extra XP boost you get from staying but I do wish there was some kind of rating or black mark put on people who consistently quit at least out of evac.

I’ll probably be playing regular most of the time and evac only with friends.


the worse thing isnt only that they quit but the game afterward as a very hard time finding anyone else (during beta it took me 1 hours 30 minutes to find another team) making so you lose 3/4 days worth of bonus xp and that what make it frustrating.


People don’t just quit for no reason. If they think you are too difficult to handle, then hanging around and getting destroyed another 3 or 4 times is not exactly going to fill them with joy. Sure, good gamers learn from their mistakes and so on, but they are also human, and they have pride / a desire to win, etc.


I do agree with this. It sucks when you’re being destroyed. I was in an evac team last night and the trapper and assault had no idea what they were doing, we lost every match so hard to an experienced monster despite my best efforts. However, in a nest match it all changed. The team was tight and they were distracting the monster while two of us were taking out the eggs. Even though the assault was just throwing mines on the ground around the egg and I could only sniper the damn thing, somehow we survived, right down to the line. It caused the monster to rage (after 3 straight wins) and the replacement was kamikaze in defense, resulting in a 3 min victory.

Evolve is always surprising. There’s always a chance to turn things around. What sucks more than anything is losing all the bonus XP as the monster just because you were too much of a match for the team that quits. Maybe some way of saving that XP instead of just being dumped into the matchmaking queue would be a step in the right direction.


Stop encouraging people to quit games just because they are losing and getting destroyed. I just played EASHL in NHL 15 for 28 hours and not once did I quit even when things were real bad. Gaming is like the real world as in you lose sometimes. People need to learn to stop quitting and the punishment for doing so should be severe enough to stop them from doing it. Thing is with commerce in the way this company here is not going to punish quitters for fear of losing money. With that said once again commerce ruins things.


I don’t know that you lose your bonus cp if other people quit, that is kinda bad.
I totally agree that those people who stayed should get the evac bonus xp


I’m not at all surprised this is happening. TRS tried implementing an autobalance to reduce this, but as human beings they’ll just leave if they’re getting frustrated regardless of results of how well or bad they’re doing.

Maybe give the loser Auto-Balance + Map/Mode choice?

I mean winners already get an XP and Map effect advantage, makes it seem more equal IMO.


Its a game. If they do not want to play, then they should not be forced to do so, there is nothing to discuss. I don’t encourage it, but I don’t condemn it either as their enjoyment also matters, not just yours.


the annoying thing with this is that the number of evac i have done and been thrown back to day 1 would be enough to have massive bonus xp from losing or winning. People should do a game mode that they arent going to complete because of a few loses… in the end it means that the only way to really do evac is solo.


Meh. Happened to me today and I ended up alone against a monster player on round 2. I ended up winning.

I don’t see an issue.


The only time I leave Evac is when I’m tired of running the Monster constantly. Which usually happens because there’s a party on the other team and I get boned into playing the Monster because party members can’t.


This is why I don’t play much Evac. I want to but people won’t stay. I get why some people leave, but when you say your going to play a 5 day of evac you should stay and play it.


The issue I am trying to promote is that if you are playing monster and your team rages, you get screwed for the bonus XP even though you didn’t quit.

Ragequitting is always a part of any online game, especially where there is a massive skill rift, it’s how the game handles the honorable players in this situation that matters. If you are a team of hunters and the monster quits, no problem. The game NPCs it until another player is found. If you are the monster, you’re screwed. No bonus XP for you. Back to the queue. Most likely back to day 1. Why can’t it just continue with bots until other players are found or award you for destroying a team so bad that they all quit! :stuck_out_tongue:


I didnt feel it was an issue til it happened to me, god is it lame, they couldnt be bothered to play 2 more rounds just because i won the first 3 :unamused:


You go into any kind of game knowing that you might lose. People who quit because they are losing should be punished. There is a sub plot in the TV show Parenthood about being a sore loser. “You do not hit people! Especially not your father!”


I agree, and I tried to think of a few solutions. For example, I considered giving the bonus experience to the enemy if someone leaves, and if all enemies leave, then the game gives you a bonus as if you had won the whole thing. I did not suggest this simply because, while nice, it would very easy for groups to abuse.

@War, that is true and I’m not trying to disagree. But that is just it, Evacuation is 5 rounds all rolled into one, and I, personally, would not be thrilled about facing someone who is obviously better than me for all of those rounds. I don’t rage quit, but I don’t see a point in trying to fight someone who is clearly better than me.

Sure, you can make a case about learning and all that, which we all do, but there are only so many losses I’m happy to sit through before I decide to take a time out and have a break. Its not for any other reason than enjoyment. While team A might be having loads of fun, what about Team B who is repeatedly losing?


I think for one the game needs to say “You are leaving Evac campaign, you will not receive any bonus XP and the game isn’t over until the last day. Whoever wins day 5 wins it all, so hang in there!” or something like that. I don’t think a lot of people realize that they ARE missing out on stuff by quitting.

I would be for implementing a stronger “timeout” for leaving an Evac game if you can say “Look, under no circumstances do I want to be Role X or Y”. That way you are committing to about an hour of game and a longer penalty for leaving but you are also more likely to get your preferred role.

This does suck because I’ve really ended up liking Evac and all the little variations. I also like having something on the line for the win (map effect), makes the game feel more important. But I’ve had 3 sets of hunters cycle through on me when I was playing Evac earlier. They got VERY close to winning a few times but I did clean up with 5/0. Thing is, people left after the FIRST game. Which was by far the closest. I was down to 1 bar as Stage 2 Goliath and managed to surprise and pounce the chasing assault player. Was an excellent game but 3 of the 4 hunters rage quit on the first game.

Sad really.