Rage quitters on the rise

Here we go, now after hunt2.0 them Q.Q babies started to show and it’s really annoying but in a way satisfying to see someone take a beating and quit.

No, crashes are on the rise. People seem to be quitting less, since there is a much higher penalty.

Unless you are just getting all of the quitters lol

I’m getting quite a lot of quitting monsters too. You can tell because it’s right when they’re going to lose, or after they’ve been running around for like 10 mins at S1 trying to lose us Hunters, but they just can’t.

It’s satisfying to have the match end because of the RQ. Hope it doesn’t affect our points though >_<

Yeah. If anyone crash their model usually get stuck in an animation, while if they quit you get the message instantly and the bot takes over.

We have also run into a lot of monsters rage quitting at the “HUNTERS WIN” screen, which feel good because they get teached a valuable lesson about not being a sore loser.
And the other way around, of course. Hunters too, like to rage quit.