Rage induction/Call of the Support


I’ve got that idea by looking into the thread about the development of Evolve:

You can see that the concept was to add aesthetic effects on the monster if it was in fight with an armor. You can see that it feels furious like never with steam effects and its mouth burning on the top of the art.

This gave me the idea that the monster could have a rage induction bar in the bottom right of the HUD, which increases if the monster takes damages from the hunters. It’ll increase twice faster if the damages taken are hitting the health bar.
If it’s full, the monster can activate it and run 15% faster, climb 30% faster, have its ability cooldown reduced by 15% and have its ability effects increased by 20% (like the duration, AoE, distance, etc…) (can also stack with the wildlife buffs). The only downsides are that it lowers if the monster do not fight against hunters to a minimum of 25% from the max if not activated, and the monster takes 10% more damages from the hunters if activated. The ability lasts 45 seconds and cannot be used again.

I’ve got the idea of rage for the monster, but what about the hunters? They don’t have their own ability to fight against a mad monster!
This is why I thought about the same kind of thing for the hunters with an alert bar that I would call “Call of the Support”. It is under the “objective’s status” bar and instead of having buffs like the monster, they call for 4 soldiers controlled by the AI.
The bar will increase if a hunter gets a strike from the monster, even more if he/she die.
The soldiers have the same stats than the hunters except that they have more health and can slowly heal themself (more than the hunters in TU9) and the hunters depending by the number of soldiers remaining, but they do not have abilities. And because they heal the hunters, it convinces the monster to kill them first.
The way to send the soldiers is the same than the monster’s rage, but only the support can call for them.

Both the monster and the hunters have some conditions to activate their ability and things to remember:

-The monster must evolve on stage 2 or 3 to activate the ability, for both hunters and monster.
-The monster’s buffs, if enraged do not stack with the perks.
-The monster cannot use his rage near the relay.
-Both monster and hunters must be in fight to activate their ability.
-Taking damages from wildlife will not increase the bar for both hunters and monster.
-The “Call of the Suppport” bar will not increase if a hunter gets a strike or die from wildlife.
-The soldiers will teleport away after 30 seconds if not fighting (only near the relay) (I don’t think this is a good idea however).
-The ability, both for monster and hunters cannot be used in Arena mode. Only aivable in Hunt, Rescue, Nest and Defense mode.

Tell me your thoughts about this idea.

PS: the rage induction is a reference to Monster Hunter. If you deal a lot of damages against a monster, it can be mad and his attacks are quicker and a little bit stronger, the monster can also perform attacks or debuffs that he couldn’t do if not angry.


I can’t see not being able to use it near the relay a good idea, since that is where most endgame fights are, if you mean only to take down the relay, then I take it back, otherwise, there’s something that sounds really amazing about the monsters kinda exploding in fury
wraith= ???
gorgon=acid n’ shit



What reason is behind this idea?

I think this adds too much complexity to monster. With this solving no appearant issue, it just looks like a complex monster buff.

I’m not a fan of this since it raises damage output, so it can easily take down damage comps who struggle with healing already.


The reason behind this idea is to give more action and fun to the game.
The monsters are brutal and destructive beasts, this is why I suggest that they can be scarier to fight against.
The humans work together to achieve a goal, this is why adding soldiers balances the game if it had the rage of the monster.

This is a suggestion, a suggestion is not always made to solve something but to ADD something. It can be complex or simple, it doesn’t matter.
Not only the monster gets a buff, the support can call for soldiers if needed.
The damage output when the monster is enraged is something legit. It’s not invented.
If you don’t agree with my idea, you are allowed and you are free to tell your opinions about. Fan or not, you can give interest to what you want.


So The Hulk is confirmed for T6 then?

Its funny I was actually thinking about this the other day. Start as Grey Hulk, Stage 2 is Savage hulk, Stage 3 can be World War Hulk or if they went full power World Breaker Hulk!

So maybe World Breaker would be his Rage move, its too powerful for regular play at any stage.


That VFX concept basically became Meteor Goliath later on :wink:




Well I didn’t mean LITERAL shit…


I think again about this suggestion and I wonder if it will generate gameplay issues like, the hunters disactivating the dome and fleeing when they see the monster activating the rage. The complexity to fight against 8 humans. Etc…
Tell me what I should add or tweak to make it more balanced.


I wonder what the devs are thinking of this suggestion. About the idea of putting it in the game, the balances, the data needed, the issues, etc…just wondering.


Chances are they won’t add personal ideas as they are a wild goose chase to balancing and legal issues if such issues arise.

Still not on board with more monster buffs…


They do what they want, they can chose to use my suggestion as a reference or as a direct add to the game, or they can chose to not add anything related to it. But regardless of their choice, it still makes me happy to give my suggestions into the forums, so people can take a look and share their opinion weither they like or not.


My suggestion to your suggestion would be that the rage were only to increase the monsters cooldowns and maybe movement speed? No damage buffs. Atleast 4 of the 5 monsters already have the strength to down a single hunter in a flurry of combos and attacks all at once with only one use of there abilities.
Sure those 4 soldiers came to help but if the monster can then down people at an even higher rate of pace then what did those soldiers really do besides become fodder?

Its definitely a cool idea. Like id be all for it. But in the balance equation this idea is like a 80:20.
80% good for monster
But only 20% good for hunters.

Edit. Fun fact, 80% of percentages are made up on the spot :stuck_out_tongue:


I tweaked the suggestion, you can ask for more suggestions if you wish.


Much more onboard with new suggestions.


Please… No A.I in a competitive PvP game…



There’s already A.I in almost every competitive PvP games if you didn’t knew.


That’s an exaggeration