Rabisu/Vamprie Monster idea


This is an idea. Please feel free to comment. Rabisu is combined idea of Golaith in size and Kraken to be able to fly for periods of time. This monster would have the ability to suck the life out of a Hunter ( like a vampire ) and replenish its health. The monster’s health meter would be similar to the Wraith since it has an ability to regenerate its health. The armour as well would be similar as well. Another ability would be SKY BOMB. While in flight can select where to strike and dive to that area causing a exploding effect. Smoke screen ability Rabisu would be able to generate a fog to make visibility difficult in battle or to escape battle as well. Death blow would be a melee attack that marks the Hunter for the monster. The monster can see where the Hunter is until the mark has worn off. This is an idea and there would be hunters to balance the experience as well if ever created. @MacMan


Visibility. I realized I made a error is spelling. My bad.