Rabbits Are EVIL

okay abandoning thread now image

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…But he could’ve just used the stairs…

This is a bad plan… this is the worst plan- Markov

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I’m going to find 1000’s photos and videos of rabbits. I’ll be right back.

quick midnight, run

Don’t you even dare…

Not a joke.

Take it here.

Oh I dare, hell dare is my middle name.

It would be inappropriate, breaking forum guidelines. ^.-

Also breaking topic.

And don’t forget it’s offensive to Ren.

I see 3 rules you would break, if you posted any rabbit pics here.

Be warned- I have easily abused Regular powers. I can haunt your threads forever, changing titles and categories to my heart’s content.

No rabbit pictures, thank you kindly.

Actually it wouldn’t be breaking topic it’s about rabbits so regardless of the context of the rabbits it’s still on topic.

If helmets were offensive to someone that mean we shouldn’t post pictures of helmets too? If something offends you PROBABLY shouldn’t make a topic about that said something.

Also side note breaking topic and breaking forum guide lines are technically the same thing Breaking topic is part of the guidelines therefore that is a redundant statement and you actually only have 2 rules mentioned and both are not really legitimate.

It’s about how rabbits are evil. If you post about bunnies, it’s breaking topic. ^.-

Unless of course you’re talking about mass genocide in the rabbit population. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you talk about how you can’t stand the sight of helmets, and someone then posts a picture of a helmet, it would be inappropriate.

Don’t forget that Midnight would be offended by the fact you posted pictures of rabbits on her thread, after she said she can’t stand the sight of them multiple times, on multiple threads.

Seeing as this is my topic- which I created to know if any others shared my (clearly unpopular) opinion, and I explicitly stated not to post rabbit images. Doing so would be, for lack of better words, a “dick move” colloquially speaking. The mods do not appreciate those.

That being said I do believe this thread has served its purpose. I now know that everyone except me adores rabbits, with an exception or two.

@Brandini @SledgePainter @Takran @MaddCow If one of you would be so kind as to close this thread, I’d love you forever. Even more than I do now. Have a cookie in advance. :cookie:

I don’t adore them, I can join your side on the matter.

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I get the sneaking suspicion you’ve posted a lot of rabbit pics behind my back. :stuck_out_tongue: Waiting like nasty surprises. Except unlike Banshee Mines I can’t shoot them down.


I’ve only posted rabbit pictures on the rabbit thread by Bandini. They needed some love, and like the creatures, so I was kind enough to provide them some eye candy. :wink:

…This betrayal has scarred me. How could you pretend to be on my side and the- oh my god. You were going to betray me! YOU WERE GOING TO FEED ME TO THE RABBITS WEREN’T YOU?! >.<

Nope, would I need to murder a few rabbits to prove my loyalty? I have no qualms with death in their species. I don’t feel one way or another about them.

…No need for that. Plus you could just pretend you did it because I wouldn’t look at pictures.

Be right back, installing better security.

Also watching for the death of this thread. :slight_smile:

Sledge will close the thread, she hates rabbits and pugs too. :smiley:

Really? What do you get out of this, if I may ask?