Rabbits Are EVIL

Balut tasted like duck soup with baby duck and egg. With some interesting textures.

Please refrain from posting any pics, gifs, ect in this thread. OP has a phobia of them and I’m trying to respect that and make others respect that as well. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Yes, I noticed that, and I gather that the thread is crawling with rabbit images…

Thanks Brandini. Appreciate it.

More like hopping with them lol


Bad moderator, bad! No cookie for you! I consider myself a junior Pungeon Master, and even I think that was bad. Not as bad as my dad’s funeral home joke, but still bad.

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If you want to post a picture of a bunny, go to his thread.

I have to agree with @Garrus on this one, my liege.

No offense sir, but that was cheesy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Meh, you win some you lose some lol

People tend to enjoy winning some more than losing some though.

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I must say, I stumbled across this forum thanks to the recap email, and I love all of you rabbit haters. We need to work out how to eradicate them, and SOON.

Well… I have an idea. But I think Commander Sheppard wouldn’t approve.

Excellent- another one joins the fold. Welcome, UnrealHotShot. We’re working on solutions to the rabbits issue 24/7 365.

we know “rabbit ebola” doesn’t work (´・_・`) maybe a tactical nuke?

Don’t need the collateral damage. It has to be efficient, quick, and subtle.

I believe you just described an assassin…

So myself on Sunday nights? Yeah, pretty much. But an assassin can’t destroy every rabbit in existence. We need something else.

Precision targeting lazers from outer space? Tracking every bunny in existence, and killing them all? Maybe this is a bit too sci-fi… Billions of drones, hunting, and killing every rabbit in existence? Too expensive? Asking everyone on earth, to kill every bunny they see, for the good of humanity? That one might work, but it would take awhile. Humans are already known for putting animals on the extinction list through hunting.

Yeah, but everyone loves those damn things. Just take a look at this thread, or Brandi’s one, if you can stomach it. Which I will not. So I won’t.

I don’t love them, so I suppose I could help eradicate them from the surface of the Earth.

By surface, I mean we can toss them all down into a volcano, and maybe they can live where they belong? :wink:

Yeah, but we’d need a looooooot of help. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to do a thing- can’t stand being in the same room as one, let alone hunting one- and then it’s just you. And even if you could kill, say, a third of the rabbits in the world in one day, they breed like crazy.