Raaaaaggggeeee Quit


You know it!

You love!

IT’s every hunters fav pastime!

The raaaaaaaaaggggggee quit!

Think you’re about to lose?


Monster gave you a strike?


Stage 3 evolution?


Stage 2 evolution?


Dropship inbou-


Wraith inbound?

Totally legitimate reason for which you may unfathomably leave with the purest dignity of heart.

Ya but seriously, the disconnects are beginning to get out of hand. I think it’s due to the lack of awareness of the fact that if you back out, you accure a loss. Not everyone who plays evolve goes on the forums.


Yup just happened to me, and before that happened it happened, yay for evolve!!..


Maybe their goal is to get to the top of the leaderboards with the lowest possible WLR.

100 disconnects for every win, anything is possible if you put your heart to it!


Or it’s possible they don’t care about WLR and would rather just forfeit the game, wait 60 seconds, and get a new one. Rather than suicide or drag out the match.


fell thru the map at the dropship. Rage Quit
Ive done that one before.


You gain a loss for every disconnect


A lot of people don’t care about wins or losses.

I don’t care either way. Not that I rage quit lol. Just saying.


Yeah. I mean, I just had a round where we got a total of 6 strikes vs. Stage 1 Kraken @ 5:00. Okay. We lost. GG. New game?


Rage quits are so fun. -.-
Happens to me all the time… No one ever wants to play the game with me, ask @MidnightRoses