R.I.P. Moderators. Prepare yourselves for 'Goliath OP, PLZ NERF' threads. They are coming in the masses

I hope the weekend won’t be too hard on you guys, Goliath is a powerful beast though really buggy. After the weekend a lot of people will finally see how powerful Goliath is. Even more powerful than Kraken, but just really bugged.

Look at that beaut.


Thank you for reminding me! God. Dammit.

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I look forward to it. Goliath is my least favorite monster. But I will play him for everyone.

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yuuuuuuupp all this event means is what you say… INCOMING NERF TO GOLIATH NEXT PATCH ( after this upcoming one ) TO MANY QQers !!! MUST NERF GAME TO GROUND NAAAOOOWWWW !!!

…but srsly…it will happen

I guess it’s time to ROCK! And Goliath won’t get a nerf. He has below 50% win ratio at level 40.

that was a …SMASHING comment… I see what you did there lol

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I think he’s mainly saying that the Mods and Leaders are going to have to merge and close a loooooooooooooot of threads.


Also that a few abilities will be tweaked down once his movement isn’t so Watch_dogs driving.

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While I love Goliath and he’s still my favorite, if you lose to one that’s because you got outplayed. Simple as that.

I swear if this gets Goliath nerfed…

When my hunter team loses to Goliath we all know we deserved it. Goliath is the healthiest monster gameplay wise (again, disregarding Behemoth as I still don’t have much non-exploiting experience against him).

Everything Goliath does can be dodged and played around, he has to put himself at risk to do nearly all of his abilities.

Unfortunately he got a nerf today despite the low winrate. Granted that was for exploitative behaviour, lol.

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Kraken and Goliath both my favourite , OP goliath coming :smile:

Please do not NERF rock throw.

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as an ex- goliath player, i can safely say i never lose ^.^

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As an ex-Goliath players myself I can attest to my own record.

As A Hunter it is my solemn duty to Rock Block the shit out of all of you…


So goood. :smiley:


Goliath is still the most fun monster in the game, both to fight as or to fight against.

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If your on PC and you play with me, i’ll be making games last 20 minutes as i rock throw 3 stage 1 the whole game, Though i can see it now. “Throws rock half way across Dam, watches 4 hunters try to catch rock mid air and they all end the match trying to get more rock throw hits for the event.”

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They might be looking for telemetry data on Rock Throw.