R.I.P. Moderators. Prepare yourselves for 'Goliath OP, PLZ NERF' threads. They are coming in the masses


I hope the weekend won’t be too hard on you guys, Goliath is a powerful beast though really buggy. After the weekend a lot of people will finally see how powerful Goliath is. Even more powerful than Kraken, but just really bugged.

Look at that beaut.


Thank you for reminding me! God. Dammit.


I look forward to it. Goliath is my least favorite monster. But I will play him for everyone.


yuuuuuuupp all this event means is what you say… INCOMING NERF TO GOLIATH NEXT PATCH ( after this upcoming one ) TO MANY QQers !!! MUST NERF GAME TO GROUND NAAAOOOWWWW !!!

…but srsly…it will happen


I guess it’s time to ROCK! And Goliath won’t get a nerf. He has below 50% win ratio at level 40.


that was a …SMASHING comment… I see what you did there lol


I think he’s mainly saying that the Mods and Leaders are going to have to merge and close a loooooooooooooot of threads.


Also that a few abilities will be tweaked down once his movement isn’t so Watch_dogs driving.




While I love Goliath and he’s still my favorite, if you lose to one that’s because you got outplayed. Simple as that.

I swear if this gets Goliath nerfed…

When my hunter team loses to Goliath we all know we deserved it. Goliath is the healthiest monster gameplay wise (again, disregarding Behemoth as I still don’t have much non-exploiting experience against him).

Everything Goliath does can be dodged and played around, he has to put himself at risk to do nearly all of his abilities.

Unfortunately he got a nerf today despite the low winrate. Granted that was for exploitative behaviour, lol.


Kraken and Goliath both my favourite , OP goliath coming :smile:

Please do not NERF rock throw.


as an ex- goliath player, i can safely say i never lose ^.^



As an ex-Goliath players myself I can attest to my own record.


As A Hunter it is my solemn duty to Rock Block the shit out of all of you…


So goood. :smiley:


Goliath is still the most fun monster in the game, both to fight as or to fight against.


If your on PC and you play with me, i’ll be making games last 20 minutes as i rock throw 3 stage 1 the whole game, Though i can see it now. “Throws rock half way across Dam, watches 4 hunters try to catch rock mid air and they all end the match trying to get more rock throw hits for the event.”





They might be looking for telemetry data on Rock Throw.