R Abe is valuable cuz it works as counterpick assault against Krakens


Until now there was no counterpick assault against Krakens. Markov and Hyde is a not counterpick but all-rounder assault, which means fine at any monsters. it is versatile guys, but not specialized against Krakens. But since R Abe appeared, Krakens finally starts suffer at assault.

Krakens can float, so they can neutralize some assault’s weapon which is not good at airfight. Even Markov and Hyde affected by that. Cuz Toxic Granade and Mine is not good at airfight. But R Abe’s all weapons are viable at airfight. Though hitting granade at air is hard a bit.

And Krakens have a weakness, they have no charge skills and traversal is slower than other monsters. R abe snipes this weakness exactly cuz dots works a while even monster is not hit by weapons. other monster also suffer by dots after dome fight, but it is tolerable they can use fast traversal and charge skills, eat wildlife, and prevents dots. Krakens cant do this rapidly.

So it is good after Grounder perk patch Kraken had a lot of benefit, and there was no risk picking Kraken.
Now R Abe makes a risk when you consider pick Kraken. That is good and natural phenomenon.


Every assault that shoots banshee missiles is a counter to Kraken. Because it really doesn´t matter how much damage you do to a kraken, when he can´t kill you, you can´t lose.


I don’t know quite how to phrase this…but this is dumb.

Every assault aside from maybe Lennox works perfectly well against Kraken (and TRS have been giving her more tools in that area). That’s no excuse for Renegabe being OP.


rabe is not OP… he just synergieses to well with solo buffs.


Glad you agree.


can you maybe quote what i say and not be a quote

That´s how conversations work, you know?


Don’t put your own words in people’s quote… he isn’t OP


While true. Renegabe has a MUCH easier time vs kraken than any other assault.

Torvald has to worry about mortars hitting, Parnell has his rocket launcher but he loses a lot of DPS because of the kraken’s flight cuz he can’t switch to shotgun to deal much damage from that range (And with Parnell, you don’t reload…ever, you switch).
Markov and Blitzkov have to come closer (though not much) to use their lighting.

Renegade Abe? Nah, just dart and shoot the shotgun, both fire modes will hit the kraken reliably with good damage. Though it is a problem with "Abe"s shotgun type, things accurate as fuck. Even OG abe can do good damage vs a kraken because of the sheer accuracy the shotgun has!

They can work? yes, but Renegade Abe has such a simple, and effective way to deal with Kraken…literally just do what you do with every monster.

And thats why I see him going up into high level play. He’s just good.


Parnell anyone?[quote=“ashcalon, post:1, topic:99860”]
But since R Abe appeared, Krakens finally starts suffer at assault.


Parnell’s shotgun have a large spread so it is less effective against Kraken, and rocket launcher has less accuracy cuz cant shoot monster’s nearby ground.