Quoting Replies Leads to New Thread


If I try quoting anyone, it makes a new thread with that quote instead of a reply. That’s what I think also happened to @Torvald_Stavig here.

Idk what happened, please close this


Uhhh yeah…

It made a thread called flyyrwhhehrhjejdsjjrjrjdjw


I tried quoting @Jedi_Warrior when he unlisted that thread saying “Just to remove all evidence I’ll unlist it too. :smile:” and it started a new thread.


Testing testing




Seems fine to me. :confused:

Not sure what’s going on.


Works fine for me.


I can’t get it to replicate.


Only happened once. Strange.


Idk… But it made me look like a douchebag hahahaha
It was a reply in the anonymous thread XD


Probably just a hiccup then. We’ll see if it happens again for anyone else.


If you quote something from a closed thread it creates a response thread.


At that point it becomes a “Continuing the discussion” post.


That is, he quoted a reply from a topic that was closed.


Yes which is what makes this an odd event.