Quote Reply links the wrong user


You can ‘Quote Reply’ to a quote in someone else’s post.
By doing this you’ll copy over the correct original quote, but the author will be “credited” as the one whose post you used to select the quote from.

Example below.
(I made a quick alt account, feel free to remove it once this topic is logged.)

This is the original quote used for this example.


Apparently now you’re the one who did write it.




Its just a design flaw (as I just explained, hurr), like how I can take this

And do this

The system is just a little weird, and easy to confuse.
Edit; As an added bonus, I never actually quoted Seeds, so its not even like the all magical “Faked quotes” everyone loves :smiley:


I don’t think it’s a bug. Just am oversight. You’re just copying the text but the reply assumes everything in the message is there’s. You’re not replying to the original quote but a copy made by the last person if that makes sense.

Ninjad by donut.


Oversight it is.
I always thought the quoting system was a bit finnicky.

Nah u m8


Not sure how you do that one… :frowning:


It’s simple. I won’t say how, because people shouldn’t be doing it. A lot like the “invisible” text.


Testing testing

Works for me. Still want this open?


No u.


When you initially quote someone, the “Order” you put in makes this (quote=“Username, post:#, topic:#”)
Except with an actual username and post/topic numbers, and “[” instead of “(”.
You can edit the username before posting to change the “user” you quoted, but, iirc, it’ll always notify the user that occupies the space of the post # in the topic # you imply.


Are we supposed to not able to see the topic where the quote comes from?


I’m testing something, I’ll probably know if it works, maybe.
Edit: Nerp
Rick I’m sorry for derailing but scienceeee


It’s not a real user though…


What about this?


Cause it’s in the same topic. Press the arrow on the right to go to the post.




Ehh, you can lock it now. It wasn’t a big deal to begin with.