Quote Replies Give me Two Notifications

Practically the title. If someone full quotes me, or replies to me with a quote I said, I get the initial regular notification then a quote notification.

Can you post a screen shot?

I can’t, because the notification gets overridden. The initial reply will show, then get replaced by the quote reply.

So…you don’t get two notifications?


Can confirm this happens to me all the time. Though it may have something to do with edits because I can click on a notification have it disappear and then 5 or 10 minutes later have it pop up again cause someone edited it.

You do but it’s like you get the reply notification then it gets replaced by a quoted notification even if you clicked the reply notification.

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I do.

Here, quote reply me and I’ll try to get a two pictures. One where the initial reply shows, then another when it gets overridden.

Ahh got it.

@discourse @discourse is this a bug or intentional to cut down on notifications?

I think there is a minor bug around edits triggering notifications. Does it
only trigger for the original poster? If you have specific repro steps that
will help nail it down.

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It seems to work like this: I’ll get the notification that someone replied to me, I’ll open the notification then either reply or exit the thread. A few seconds after doing either action, I get another notification saying I was quoted by that person.

That’s just the way the forum is.

If I send you this reply, you will get a notification. Regardless of what you do, if I go back and add a quote from you in this, it will notify you again and also override the previous notification and make it appear as a “Quote” notification.

90% sure this is not a bug.

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The quote was there from the beginning.

Ok, I just had this happen again and I can confirm it’s because of an edit.

Do you mean, an edit that adds a new mention or quote of a person not previously quoted?

Yes, if I went back to edit this post to add in a mention to @someone that did not exist before my edit, that would notify that person for sure…

I can be quoted once at the beginning and if the person edits it multiple times each time I will get the quote notification.

even if they only add more text below it or I’m looking directly at their post.

What Tiger said. It can be any form of edit. Adding a period, changing a word. Anything.

I believe this is still a bug. Let me make sure we fix it this time!