Quitting if they don't like class


People join the game and then leave if they don’t like the class, and their spot never gets filled. Or at least the spot doesn’t get filled in a timely fashion. Either there should be no way of backing out until the game starts, or some other method from allowing people to just wait the measly 60 seconds to go again. There are no penalties other than the wait time for quitters. It takes long enough to find a game, and then you have to try again if someone is a piss pant.


While in the alpha there is no real penalty for leaving, but in the full release Hunt mode will be competitive play, with a leader board and such. Backing out of a game will count as a loss and they will not receive bonus points. Also in the full release spots should be filled in a much more timely fashion! Yes it always sucks when people quit/drop, but if they pay for the game it is there prerogative to finish a match or move on to another match. In the end remember that the goal of the game is to have fun, and that is what “quitters” are trying to do in their way, we just have to forgive them and continue to enjoy the game


On the plus side, the bots are better than entry level players, so if you start the game with an empty slot, you might have a better chance of winning! :wink: And, if you start a game with a bot, you can press the d-pad towards the direction of their class (as labeled on the Hunter HUD) to take over the bot.


I honestly have not found a class that I do not like…


Yes they need a ban in place for people who quit too much, because this current set up will have a lot of people quitting


Well there is a penalty kind of, the 60 second delay!