Quit four games of hunters just too


Finally get monster and have everyone quit out just as I’m about to kill them as a stage 1 golitah… not my fault your trapper gets killed by a crowbill and I take advantage of the situation and then your awesome laz revives the crowbill rather then the trapper…

But Dont worry they will pay! by having to wait a full 60 seconds before searching for the next match to be noobs in


This wouldn’t be as annoying if this game actually worked for me and it wasn’t just me struggling to get to play what I want to just have it freeze or lag out or everyone quits…


Imagine a game where 80% is sitting in lobbies waiting for a monster finally starting the match when the monster leaves 10 seconds before the game starts. Then playing the first 4 minutes against a bot, having 3 players connect and disconnect untill finally a player joins to play monster, only to stand still letting us kill the monster so he can start a new game fresh. Then we sit in a new game with a new player finally hoping for a match to start.

Not u till 4 minutes in the game when we dome the same guy, shoot his health down to 50% and he disconnects.

This is how 80% of our games are atm. Great fun :stuck_out_tongue:


If I was the hunters I’d have quit as well not because of the loss but because of my love for countdowns!


Probably wasn’t his fault anyways. Game decides to revive the giant creature wanting to eat the Laz’s face off instead of the other hunter who needs to be revived. lol


Some people must not know about the restart match option


i rarely quit a match, only when i ve been beaten at 7 times in a row or something like that


Most hunter players can be dicks, I got stuck in game one and they wouldn’t restart. Instead they continue to pound my monster until it finally stop, I had a few bars of health left But it was end game because the team had torvald.

I was in a game once where the ai monster I was joing in was under 50% health and I voted restart and all of them voted no. I did tried my best to finish the match but to my best still wasn’t enough for Behemoth to win, torvald had already won the game basically.
I then proceeded to tell them what asswholes they were for doing that and that they were pillar humping scums and hope I’d meet them in hell again.

I’ve been in a good number of games where if someone joins mid games and might not want to play as the character/monster or joined in on a loosing match. I always try to be fair to them, I don’t want to win at the expenses of someone’s time.
Everyone deserves a restart.
But yeah a lot of people can be scumbags.


I love joining mid game, on a losing team. They leave cause they’re losing, to let other people take their place in that loss; when they didn’t play the game. ^.^


Lots of people know about restart but if the monster votes no, it doesn’t work, but then when it comes time to vote for the next map and mode its up to the hunters?? They have a very flawed system here

either way I really just wish I could actually play it again with my friends as hunters but I get booted out of almost every game in the post game lobby, lots of times during the game too, and I am really struggling to just find a game as my first preference, monster, when playing alone but since the patch the last two weeks this keeps happening, if it’s not fixed soon I can’t be wasting my time sitting in a lobby or menu trying to play for 2 hours… And it sucks because I really like this game and have spent a lot of money and time on it, starting to actually feel ripped off about my purchase now because of it


Yeah understand completely. I joined a match the other day as goliath that was stage 1 with half health. I thought what the hell I’ll try my best it’s most likely only pugs. Got to stage 2 and saw the AI had 2 points in charge and 1 in leap smash, so I voted a restart and they voted no, so I left. Then all 4 of then spammed messaged me abuse, turns out they were a pre made, I said I would be happy to vs them in a fresh game but they kept on sending abusive messages.


Omg!! Just happened again this time I was stage 2 behemoth and just about to kill the last player a d they all fucking quit on me!

Wtf!!! This game is getting worse rather then better!


You quit some games and then they quit one. I don’t see the problem. They’re just doing what you did.


Wow dude really? I quit because I didn’t want to play a hunter, read the OP and I quit right away not when the game is about to end… Give me a break this game is flawed big time

They were all in the lobby before the game started too, the games that I quit from was join in progress(they usually always are…) I dont set my preference as monster to join a lobby as hunter and quit when the monster is good, I quit right away because I would like to not waste my time playing something I don’t want too. But even if I do get monster I am apparently wasting my time anyways as it’s not a gaurentree the game won’t bug or glitch, lag out or have people quit anyways… And it seems like there are no sign of improvement or to actually fix their already broken system that is only getting worse…

So no they aren’t doing what I did they quit because they are scared to stay and play and lose not because they are frustrated they can’t play the game they want too or they would have quit right away and not chase me around the map for 3 min and leave when I’m 5 seconds from winning…


Just because people quit doesn’t make the game worse.
You can’t force people to play so stop blaming the game, blame the people you play with, they’re obviously sore losers.


And I will feed that situation till the fix matchmaking and STOP STICKING ME IN MY 5TH CHOICE (monster). 6/10 of the time!


About the restarting refusal froma hunter main.
Most of the time we have an actual player that quits, thats why you get stuck as a losing monster. I understand it isn’t fair you’re stuck with this situation, but it is also not fair that we don’t get a win when we had a good early engagement.
I think two things could fix this.

one: if you join a game in progress it will NOT count as a loss for you.
two: if a restart is accepted the team that requested the restart loses and the other wins.

I guess change it to surrender but requiring both teams to accept.


I agree. I bought this game for a friend so I could further perpetuate the game. Tried to get in a few games two days ago and the lobby went from failed start, to joined game in progress with noobs, to wait 5 minutes to play while searching, to a failed start in the lobby…

He shut down the game and hasn’t played it since :cry: it was a waste of a half an hour that was most un-fun.


Typical lobby these days.

Win as Monster 2 times -> Douchebag changes to Monster #1 priority in intermission lobby -> Get’s Monsterspot -> instantly leaves

Happened about 5 times the past few days. I see a bad trolling trend emerging there…
As if the constant ragequitting wasn’t bad enough, it’s even worse with premades who just leave simultaneously throwing you back into the matchmaker.


“Just because people quit doesn’t make the game worse.
You can’t force people to play so stop blaming the game, blame the people you play with, they’re obviously sore losers”

I know I can’t force people to play, just like how the game shouldn’t force me as my 4th or 5th preference 7 times in a row, this where I do start to blame the game for its lack of a working system.

The preference should only be for hunters not the monster too. It should first ask what team you would like to play on just like in a custom and if it is hunter then it should refer to your preference, but if I want to play monster I should be able to, this has a been a major complaint since day one and it needs to be changed so people can play how they want, I’m sure we would all see less quitting because of it too.

The other thing is you lose if you quit now but if your monster and hunters quit you don’t get the win? Thats just stupid, especially when I’m just about to end the game and win and people quit. At least that way I wouldn’t feel like I’m wasting as much time and it wouldn’t all be for nothing like it is now.

The other stupid thing is that if the monster quits the hunters are able to continue the match and easy win but if the hunters quit the game ends?! It doesn’t make sense, usually when people quit with one hunter staying so the game plays out, is that the bots are better then 90% of the players I see, hank actually shields, val actually heals and Maggie actually domes, uses harpoons and shoots, so generally I have a harder time winning agaisnt bots then I do real people