Quickplay or Ranked?


Since I’m seeing an increase in lower ranked players in Quickplay, and I’m seeing increased waiting times in Ranked… Where are you guys currently playing the most? I’m trying to figure out whether there’s something wrong with the match making system in Ranked, or if maybe there’s just no one bothering since “monsters are OP”; whether or not this is true, this is not the place to discuss it.

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I do quick play because I usually have 2 hours or less to play at a time and I have young kids so I sometimes need the Take a Break option.


100 % i get matches very fast on Ps4 but the only problem it is region based


I do quickplay mostly because I don’t have friends to play with lol


Quick play, I decided to watch arrow yesterday while waiting for a hunt game in ranked, watched an hour and a half worth before I got matched with determining ranks…


and i forget to say u can fix so many bugs whit the " Take a Break " on Quickplay it sadly it didnt work on ranked -.-


I’m only a Bronze hunter (pubs and all that) and I always get matched with Silver Monsters. Shows how many new players enjoy playing Monster…


Quickplay, for this reason right here.


What about Customs? That’s where I spend most of my time (assuming I have more than 4 friends online).


mostly quickplay these day’s i never did much ranked. I can count the number of custom matches ive participated in on one hand, I always seem to get invited for customs with weird people that already have a feud going on with the monster player.


Rank so I can play monster. One clueless hunter on your team makes quick play frustrating and not enjoyable.


I play quick play because I don’t want to rage at the fact that I can lose a lot of points in one match


I play ranked monster on stream but it’s always quick play if I feel like playing hunters or just generally prefer a more casual match.


Didn’t you forget something?
I used to do the evacuation mode. It was great. I love the map effects, but there is not enough people to play it so quickly than quick play.


Forget what exactly? The mode that literally no one plays?


How do you know? You asked for the other gamemodes so I it’s weird if you already know the exact numbers… Your/My experience is not the same that the other people.


You will find many like myself in customs which I recommend you add to the poll because if I have more than 4 (which is often) instead of leaving someone out we all go in to a custom game.


Could do, but I’m not really interested in that.

I know like how everyone else knows. It was never a popular mode. The amount of crashes and bugs, not to mention the time it takes to get through it all and the lack of balance in Nest, Rescue and Defend. On top of that I’ve noticed that Quickplay, Ranked and Customs are more favorable; since I have no interest in customs (for the poll, I do actually play customs), I have chosen to not list this as an option.


I’m just a quick play kid because my whole team quit evolve I don’t have anybody for customs or 2.0


Same. For me the best Evolve experience is found in customs. If you polling for most popular gamemodes you should really include that as an option.