Quickplay mode rotation- removing Defend and Arena?


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I didn’t want to derail so I’ll use this feature for once.

While I don’t want them removed, I hate running into them 24/7/365. So, why not just make Defend and Arena much much more rarely occurring in Quickplay?

The ideal rotation I have in mind would be a few, say, two to three (maybe more?) matches of Hunt, then a match of Arena or Defend to freshen it up, maybe another match of Arena/Defend after the first, then back to Hunt.

Made this thread for peoples’ thoughts on it.

  • Yes, do something like this.
  • No, just remove Arena and Defend.
  • No, leave it as it is now.
  • Different solution (please specify.)

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Remove Defend from Quick Play

I would like them in a rotation. To the point where you get hunt, arena, defend. BUT NEVER twice in a row. It can be arena, hunt,defend I don’t care. As long as the next one is not the previous one. Same with the maps. Just cycle all the maps in one rotation. Then start again.The rotations can be randomized but you’ll never get the same map or mode twice or more in a row. Even if you skip it.


If we could though, I’d gladly take out arena for nest. ANYDAY of the week.


Personally I’d prefer Arena to Nest/Rescue, I think most people would, but that’s just me.

Maybe even include those modes into Quickplay alongside the others? I feel people wouldn’t like it but if they were rare enough it’d be ok, especially since they’re short.


Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I dislike arena as a whole. I’d rather NOT play it. BUTTTTTTTTTT that’s not going to happen. If TRS wants to keep this 3 style mode in fine. Not a problem I can suck up a match of arena every 3-4 games. Fine. But when I get arena almost every 2nd-3rd match? Nu huh.that’s annoying.

I remember one time just bouncing back and fourth between defend and hunt. Over and over barely saw a hunt match. Got irritating.


I’d like to see all of the modes available (Arena, Nest, Rescue, Defend, Hunt).

And then, instead of letting people just vote to skip, let them have a choice on the upcoming game mode like Evac does.


I’m okay with them being removed. I don’t have the game, but the videos I watch ever have these game-modes, and they serve no purpose, unless the once in a blue moon evacuation videos


I rather enjoy them being on rotation. Adds some variety and they’re a lot of fun. Defend could use a new map or two though.


Defend is the only one I really get tired of because of the lack of maps. Some new ones are more than welcome!


Add a game mode preference UI, similar to class preference. You must prefer at least 1 game mode. You can also prefer them all. Within a given lobby every preferred mode has equal odds of being picked.

Examples (assuming a full lobby):

  • all 5 players don’t include Defend in their preferred modes. Defend never comes up in the rotation
  • 4 players prefer only Hunt. 1 player prefers only Arena. Hunt and Arena have the same odds of being chosen; Defend never comes up.
  • all 5 players prefer only Hunt. All Hunt mode all the time.

Mode preference can be changed in between matches (same as with class preferences). Thus players in a lobby can ask or cajole the other players into arriving at a desired mix.


I freaking love hunt, I really like Defend and Arena is very meh.

We need the two modes in quick play they provide a lot of data and information on character balance. Its also a nice change of pace with the two.

I would like for Arena and Defend to show up less, its really annoying when I get five Arena games in a row.

I really want Nest and Rescue to get into Quick Play, having arena and defend in the mode helped TRS to balance it. Getting nest and rescue in would really balance out the mode more.


I think it should be something like this:

4 hunts
2 arena
1 defend

So you’d play 4 hunts for every defend with a couple arena matches in there.


I like this idea, had a bit of an issue today where I was playing defend and arena games like 2 or 3 times each then finally moving into a hunt. I would like hunt to be more common if anything but also add in that there is a 1/10 chance of a game of nest or rescue to happen.

This way it’s a nice change because if I play for 2 hours solid of quick play I can get a little tired of it so a cheeky game of nest or rescue once every while would be a refreshing change😄

Although I don’t know how balanced rescue and nest are


This wouldn’t change anything with people leaving/joining between games.


And I say make a sort of " Server List " in which people can join a lobby. Make them customisable for Gamemode/Map/Rules.


I actually really really like this idea! :smiley: