Quick trapper question


Am i playing trapper wrong? I dome the monster constantly in stage 1 & stage 2 but almost every time i turn around to find my team thought they new where the monster was, so i use up half the domes time running around waiting for my team mates, assuming the monster doesn’t catch on a down me quickly. Should i be standing around waiting or following them despite knowing its the wrong way ?


Hi , as I can see you are playing with randoms, because if they cant catch up with you they are not very good.

But quick tip , berore you are going to dome the monster, check your minimap. If your teammates are too far away, dont dome because skilled monsters will punish and kill you for this mistake.

Best thing you can do is to ping the monster and tell other teamates to catch up with u. Then just follow the monster and when teammates are closer, then dome him

Also when you find tracks, ping them and tell your teamates to follow you


As a trapper, you are the captain of the team and should be communicating as best as you can to everyone. Randoms it’s a little harder because they like to do their own thing…
The next thing is, just because you can dome the monster doesn’t mean that you should. What I like to do is every once in awhile pull up the mini-map and see where everyone’s position is relative to myself. If they’re way far, hold the dome…if they are just a little bit behind–throw it, run towards the edge where they’ll enter and start laying some CC on the monster.
Also, once you are ready to go and throw it, make sure it’s in a spot that is favorable for you and your team, minimum amount of loops, good LOS for both dealing damage and seeing your team, etc.


Hi barry2234, to me it sounds like it’s your teammates who are at fault not you.

As Zeon said, try to check where your teammates are every now and again and before you throw your dome. You don’t want to get caught by yourself in any situation. Ping the monster when you see it and ping any tracks or any clues as to where the monster went. If you use a mic then make sure you let them know what you’re pinging so they know to come with you.

If you do all of this and your team still wonders off, then I don’t really know what else you can do. :smile:


yeah been getting a lot of bad random games lately, Markov’s that think his Tesla gun is a sniper and people who don’t know what a Lazarus glove does. I tell em but i usually don’t get a reply. I wouldn’t mind if i was actually getting lost, but between daisy and 7.1 headphones its very hard to loose the monster.

And I CC alot its all i do after a dome, CC and run. But most games they are going the opposite direction and if its a smart monster u either get combo’d or sneak attacked.
Feels pretty silly to not dome a monster when u get the chance(unless i notice its the worst arena spot in the game) otherwise the monster just runs and the scenario repeats.


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