Quick switch bugged


@MrStrategio @MacMan

I just saw one post on quick switch being bugged, so just wanted to bring it your attention. I’ve been testing it today and it is most definitely bugged.

It’s becomes apparent on those with fast reload times.

A good example is Griffin’s SMG which has a ~ 1.5 second reload time.

Quick switch reduces switch time by half from 1.5 to 0.75 seconds, so in theory any time you switch away from the SMG and back it should be fully reloaded.

Instead it takes roughly an extra 0.5 seconds before you can shoot.

Other characters/weapons that look to be affected but I can’t time it close enough to tell:

  • Val’s sniper rifle


eh? Quick switch doesn’t affect your reload time. If Griffin’s SMG reloads in 1.5 seconds, even when you take quick switch and switch faster, it should still take 1.5 seconds to reload.


It’s pretty easy to verify in game, but I can upload a video.

The smg should be fully reloaded by the time you switch back with quick switch perk, but it makes you wait.


Are you expecting quick switch to make your weapon effectively reload faster?


No, it’s making the reload take longer ( when switching weapons)

Normal reload time I clocked at 1.5 seconds for SMG.

Quick switch perk I clocked at 0.75 seconds for switching.

So I should be able to switch to a different weapon/item (not necessarily use it) and switch back in time for it to be fully reloaded.

Instead it takes and extra 0.5 seconds for a total of a 2 second reload.


Oh, I see.