Quick Shot [PC] Vods


Hey guys and Gals. Figured i’d let you know, the vods from the PC QS are live!

This playlist contains ALL the matches that were played on PC. Xbox matches will be coming soon. Please remember, ps4 is happening this weekend, so cheer on your favourite team!

Tournament Replays?

Go @Torvald_Stavig!!!


Yay, thanks for this!


I wasnt in the QS, but thanks!!!

I will be in Shear Violence though!

The team I’m going against won this tourny though.


You guys can beat them, no worries.


Pfft. The point I said that is because that other team sucked nuts. The monster didn’t take Lava Bomb…


He went Behemoth? Weird choice nowadays.


Yeah, he did well mitigating but he didn’t even hit one tongue grab at stage 3…


So he sucks. Good to know. If it’s any consolation, I’m routing for you guys.


Thanks man. I appreciate it.


No problem, also regular status is riperino. Might want to contact a Mod about that.


I’m not going to worry about it. Everyone knows who I am and what kind of person I am.

Just in case.


How many teams competed in this?