Ban phase has been changed:

Updated Play Sequence:

These Units cannot be played:

###NOTE: Normal Maggie is allowed
Timer Changes:

Tiebreaker Changes:




Pinned under Competitive until February 28th for the PC tournament


A Step in the right Direction.

Will be funny to see all these Kraken UNLEASHED in QS :tara_knows:


I’m more interested to see, who picks EK over normal… XD


Can you message me? I need to talk to you about the donation I made. I’m currently bugged, so I can’t make new messages.


sure thing.


Why are Parnell & Waggie not allowed?


Good luck to those going forward, but for me this competition unfortunately just became very uninteresting to participate in.

Edit: To clarify, IMO now we will have a very predictable format of matches for the entirety of the lower brackets. In my view, Kraken will be picked, Val will be banned leading to Slim picks (since he’s improved, and the weather is stormy, maybe it’ll be the reverse), Sunny will be banned leading to a Hank pick, Trapper will have likely an Abe ban now that the tournament has been made Kraken friendly and people will take Crow to try and get some visibility on the monster in the now stormy conditions (though maybe it’ll be the reverse, trapper is at least the most unpredictable here, but thanks to Kraken for days it’s unlikely in stormy conditions to vary much from these two picks IMO)

Assault will be Markov, the game will go like every other competitive game you’ve ever seen (but with rain) and then after the monster has won both times in a stage 2 dome wipe, the tiebreak will replay the whole thing again since in this (lower bracket) third match all the units are available again.

I don’t really get at all why the monster ban was removed, it basically caters towards more organised and “serious” competitive players and takes a level of handicap out of the game that made it accessible to people interested in trying out a competitive format.


I’ll update the original post


Now you bend over for console? If they want to play a tourney, they should learn 2 Chars (Monsters)


Why is Parnell banned? SMH


Oh alright. I’m surprised Parnell got banned completely.


incorrect. Both units are banned individually. Neither can be played.


But. Why. Is. Parnell. Banned:(

Banned because of movement speed? What the… That’s not even his best perk.


It says why in the OP now


I always knew Parnell was good for something. ROCKETS FOR DAYS[quote=“michigan_ball, post:15, topic:84056, full:true”]

Banned because of movement speed? What the… That’s not even his best perk.

He creates a toxic playstyle that allows him and the team to stop the monster from armoring up, because he can stay on monsters with the double stacking of movement speed and SS.


Thats not toxic. Sooooo many players take bad pathing and allow parnell to stay on their ass.


For arguments sake here… Instead of banning Parnell entirely, why not just ban the perk pick to stop the toxic game play… It’s a shame to completely eliminate a character… Movement speed in general maybe should be banned for quick shot considering the short timers


Interesting. I don’t think the Parnell ban was really necessary, b/c unlike Mad Mags the other assaults still warrant a pick, but we’ll see how it goes.