Quick Question


I was just recently upgraded to “regular user” status, and I was wondering: what exactly qualifies one for that?


Not sure, I think it might be a combination of posts and likes though because I got upgraded last night to leader which apparently let’s me move and rename threads. Like a mini-mod.


Right, right, but upon looking over the other recently-upgraded members, I have as much as eight times the activity as other, less recently upgraded people. I only clicked one other profile. I was confused, lol.


Huh, idk then! I’m not really sure what’s triggering it.


Good one, congrats!


Two things might be responsible, first, it might have to do with the new update a couple days ago. Or two, when TRS did that humble bundle, some people couldnt invite because they needed to be level 2 so we bumped them


Lots and lots of prune juice, I believe.


It’s has to do with numbers of posts, frequency of posting, visits to the site, etc…

There is a magical level 3…


Dunno man, if that were the case, I should have been promoted awhile ago. But alright, was just curious.


I don’t know why but when I read that I started thinking of that Willy Wonka song Pure Imagination.


Wait, you mean people actually LEAVE the forum after their first visit?


And then comes the SCARY TUNNEL SCENE! :frowning:


That actually traumatised me the first time I saw it, it was like a nightmare with a crazy man on drugs narrating it :open_mouth: