Quick question regarding the Beta


So as the beta says, if you own Left For Dead or Bioshock Infinite you get access to the beta?

Does this mean instant access? As the game will just pop in your steam library ready for download, or it sends a code to your e-mail linked to your steam where you can confirm it there?

Been telling my buddies that as long as you got those two games you’re good. So in a just in case moment (I don’t want them missing out and yelling at me cause I mis-interpreted something) I look to you guys.


Nothing has been confirmed from TRS, however the Alpha was delivered automatically by appearing in your Steam library (requires a download/install).


In the alpha they did something similar for people who were already had XCOM in their library. Evolve just gets added in like when you buy a game but its grayed out. All you have to do is click it to install/download it.


Ah, so it gets automatically put into your library ready for download? That’s good to know.


No promises, but thats how it has worked in the past.