Quick question on today's Evolve


Is it normal nowadays to use leech skills on monsters? Or they are somehow morally or physically restricted?
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Now, in regards to your question is it possible to clarify a bit further? For example, Slim is a Medic that has a leech gun he uses in order to heal his teammates. However, there are perks in Evolve:Stage 2 that might give the impression of that effect as well.


Everyone has a thing against the leech perks in Stage 2, if I recall.


Are you referring to perks like Grave Robber?


I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the last perks released for stage 2 for monster. The ones that let you regain health and armor when you down a hunter. As far as I remember a good chunk of the community(myself included) hated the crap out of these perks and wanted them nerfed heavily.


Yes, I mean perks like Graverobber. When they were introduced, basically the at the same time as Evolve support discontinued, many said they ruined the game. They said they wont use them, but you know what happens usually - you wont, others will, the game thus becoming unplayable.
I couldnt play it anyway as it kept crashing on my PC, but now the problem is solved and I’d like to learn how things are going with those perks active for half a year.
I heard they are not a problem as good hunters wont let their teammates die. But 1) I thought it was enough to damage a hunter, not to kill him to get health/armor back - is that not so? 2) ok, ig the hunters are so good how you expect as the monster to win with any other perks?
Basically those perks are a) the strongest and cheap, most players dont use them b) the strongest andt cheap, unfortunately most players use them c) not the strongest at all,a good player can win without them d) not the strongest at all, even a bad player can win without them. Thats what I’d like to clarify, thank you


The thing with those perks is that they were only beneficial IF you were able to down a hunter fast enough.
Usually, as a monster player, you would choose a perk that would help you actually down a hunter faster (for example the poison or CDR perks) to avoid health loss. Choosing graverobber is risky as it is useless if the fight was not in your favor.

I personally feel that the CDR, damage reduction, and poison are still the best perks for the monster, with a mix of movement/climb/feeding speed somewhere in there.

Graverobber I only see useful perhaps to Behemoth, who can survive longer and with his larger health pool might be able to recover more decently. Also the go-to choice to punish new players.


This about sums up the new perks. They are absolute newb stompers, but against a decent coordinated team require good monster skill to pay off. The problem is, evolve’s playerbase is now split 50/50 between Vets who will wipe the floor with most players, and newbies with less than 10 hours, most of whom stop playing after getting their faces smashed by the vets. :\


What @GLaDOSauR said.

To answer your question: Its considered bad-mannered by a majority of the playerbase to use these perks. If you want to troll players, by all means, go for it. But I would suggest using different perks. They’re too situational to be useful in general, where you’d be better off supplementing your monster’s weaknesses (E.G. Wraith’s lack of overall damage or Bob’s lack of speedy vertical movement) at higher tiers of play.


I never needed these perks because in my book, the philosophy of playing monster has ‘where you choose to fight’ at its centerpiece. Regardless of whether you are a vet or not, for example, tight quarters against a Goliath net you big trouble.

So I will agree with what most people here believe. Perks matter immensely but only at the beginning of the learning curve. Once you realize that, you will be a much better player. Remember to also pick a feeding route and stand still while the scanner is looking for you.


For the grave robber perks-

Most hunters dislike them, a lot- and feel theyre grossly overpowered- Even if theyre arguably underpowered- And will criticize you for using them. Use better perks IMO- Not only will you play stronger, youll piss off less people.


use what ever perks ya like.


I’m not a leech user at all, however I really don’t think the bronze/silver version of those perks are that bad. You shouldn’t be using the ‘Blood Leech’ perk that restores health after every down. That’s broken.


After which I’ll call you asshole and leave the match. Have fun playing against bot.


are you okay? do you need to talk something out?

One thing I would say is that the Shield Regen perk that was added is legit. But you can find many other positive combinations to go with as well.

I like to use Brawler, shield regen and something with my movement


That’s exactly what I did yesterday when I found out that the Behemoth we were fight was using all 3 Leech perks. Any damage I did as Torvald got healed right back up. We had a Kala so I managed to take a good chunk of HP off him with a full salvo of mortars… all for nothing. Although it didn’t help that my team were total noobs who got downed within 5 seconds of doming the Monster

Sent a similar message then “I refuse to play against such OP perks” and left the game. No point putting myself through that torture


This is the biggest thing right here.

Its important to remember that with these perks, monsters are giving up a LOT of other advantage in combat. Theyre giving up sustained damage youd have with the poison claws, burst damage with the DI perks, overall ability damage without cooldown reduction- Etc.

Against a good team of hunters, it can be difficult with even the “glass cannon” comps to get a down (let alone secure it), WITH these perks.

Let alone without them.

1400 hp- Thats what you get from the tier 3 perk. A couple primary empties and another volley from torvald. . 1 extra thunder strike and a few hits from lennox. Another go of SS from Parnell, etc. And this is just the assault- let alone the medic, support, and trapper- Who will all have easier times doing their jobs because the monsters are kicking out less damage overall. Another cycle or 2 from the hunters and their abilities. If the monster DOESNT get a down in that time frame, hes taking more “extra” damage than these perks will grant (Or more accurately, taking it faster). you as hunters can think of it the opposite- All you need to do is survive a cycle or two of abilities EXTRA from the mosnter- which again will be easier, because its doing less damage.

I wont say that these perks were perfect- But they werent grossly overpowered, either. Again, it was tough to get downs WITH combat oriented buffs. Its that much harder without them.

(Yes I know theres the armor perk as well, but its a similar story. Theyre giving up combat power there as well- and it does make a difference)