Quick question on PS4's Evolve DLC


This is a question mainly for people from TRS or fellow ps4 players of Evolve.

Right I brought season 1 but for season 2 I brought them individually right but when I go to the game application of Evolve on the ps4 in the category where it says all your DLC content I have a few missing.When I go to ps store it says on a lot of the hunters/monsters I need to pay for them again,I was just wondering God forbid my ps4 broke how would I get back my DLC downloads?

Edit:-on the in game store on Evolve all my purchases are correct,my question is if I have new ps4 can I re-download from there? Because as I stated earlier in post it says I need to buy said characters again!


DLC is connected to it’s own server, so if it’s giving you this issue don’t do anything. Try reinstalling the game or restarting your PS4.


I was just thinking in case I may need a new console in the future.I’m just hoping you can just re-download them again from the in-game store otherwise I’m fooked!


Yeah, you all the DLC is connected to your account for every game.


It’s just confusing when you go to Bottom of evolve application and click all content and it says the price near all your characters you’ve brought already,now when you click on some it doesn’t let you buy them again but some it gives you the option to re-buy the same characters which is silly!


Yeah it’s weird. Just know you bought it all. Check your library also.


The library is the same as the “my add ons” part I was referring to at bottom of application for Evolve.


You should be able to re-download it all if you transfer your PSN account to your new system. All purchase history and DLC are kept there, so unless Sony fucked up, you should be fine.


Yeah that’s what i thought but for some reason the store from within Evolve (in-game store) doesnt match the ps store content for Evolve,so in essence what i’m saying is if i have a new console (ps4) in the future if some characters i brought are still locked in the ps store how can i get them back again…? because i’m not sure if you can download dlc again from the Evolve in-game store or can you…?


Yes, you can redownload it all.


Have you tried then…?


Yup. The in-game store is still the PS store, but with more stuff displayed. Not sure why, but by selecting it and trying to get it again, you should be able to trigger the download or reactivation for it.

I have done it. Got several characters and all my challenge skins back.


Yep, I did it with Destiny.


ok thanks,i was just getting a bit worried,i did click on the hunters i’ve brought but it doesn’t do anything i guess that’s because there already installed no? if i was to delete game it would let me then yeah?


It should, yes.


Yeah, but why delete it? They should be unlocked when you try to re-purchase it.


If they don’t, deleting and reinstalling is the only way.


No i don’t want to delete it! i love Evolve i was just being hypothetical if my ps4 ever broke or something would i get my DLC’s back that’s all because as i stated the in game store purchases don’t match in ps store purchases for Evolve getting me all confused.com lol


Ah, it unlocked on its own when I had to reinstall the game.

That’s because PS doesn’t really care. Go by what’s in the in-game store and what you have available for use. Don’t check PSN when you have the in-game store available, but if something you bought isn’t there, check with 2K Support.


Any mods can close this post now I’m satisfied with the responses thanks guys!