Quick question for TRS


Will we be getting a trailer for TU9 like we did for Hunt 2.0. If so when can we expect it?


If we do get one it’ll be between the times of “soon” and “™”.

I think this “when” question gets asked way too often lol


They’ll give us a date if we ask enough


Well, eventually if you keep asking… You’ll have the date…
It just might be ON the release Date… :blush:


Better than nothing


seeds leaked the release date for 9.0 on his last twitch cast :slight_smile:


A trailer is possible, but I wouldn’t expect one. The same goes for getting a release date for the title update. It would be nice, but i think it’s still a little early for a release date to be announced. Besides, we have the micropatch coming up first so information about that would more likely come first. Either way I am excited. :slight_smile:


Link please.


There will be things, although not like the Hunt 2.0 trailer. And they’ll be in summer. No firm dates yet.




Yeah we’ve been working on how we present new info/patch stuff to the community, a lot of that will be seen for the first time with TU09. Maybe even with the MP if we find time between all the other crazyness.


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