Quick question for the devs


I saw I weird thing while watching some gameplay. The monster killed all the hunters but didn’t win because of daisy. I think this is rather unfair on the monsters as they have to kill daisy as well as the hunters and the monster player only just managed to kill the last hunter before the drops hip arrived. Is this just a glitch or do you have to kill daisy too


I think the monster actually didn’t win because all the hunter weren’t Dead but only Incapacitated.

One thing really “weird” but which could have been Totally Epic was this match when all the team respawned in the dropship for a final battle ^^
Wonderful picture of the Four hunters in the ship, ready for an all-in there !

*(A shame they were not dropped on the generator… and so, too late.) *


Already a thread for this Questions for devs


They were dead though when they respawned it showed all of them in the drop ship.


I know which match you’re talking about, and they didn’t win because Daisy was alive. Daisy was dead. The Hunter dropship had already came in before Kraken killed Bucket


Daisy is essentially a fifth character for the Hunter team. That’s one of the great things about her, and about choosing Maggie.

Remember: In HUNT technically the Hunters objective is to protect the colony settlement. The way they do that is kill the monster. If the monster dies without destroying the objective the Hunters win, as long as ONE Hunter is on their feet when the monster dies.


I know you get 3 skill points each time you evolve, but does your basic attack damage increase each time as well?


A dev answered me that “it would be natural that a bigger Goliath does more damages” ^^

By the way, when Chris gave us the numbers of damages, each stage melee attacks were separated.