Quick Question: Do different Tier perks stack?


In other words, does taking all Rocket Lord perks at tiers 1, 2, and 3 stack or does it only use the best one?


Yes, they all stack. It was said in a fair few threads around the place.

Perks will stack, but wildlife buffs + perks will only take the higher value.


Yea the wildlife thing I figured was the same as legacy. Just checking.


Welcome back to the forums FrontlinerDelta! I saw your posts when I just signed up and saw that you were really helpful. Hopefully your here to stay for a while again.


Hey, yea it has been awhile!

Super excited to be playing again, Stage 2 has actually addressed a lot of gameplay frustrations I had as a monster player.


yes, thread close.



Question answered. :slight_smile: