Quick question: Can you type to people in-game?


I remember seeing videos of people typing in-game to others before Stage 2 and I don’t see if mentioned anywhere in the keybinds so if someone could let me know it’d be appreciated :smile:




Yup, hit enter to bring up the dialogue box.


This only applies to the people on your team though, unless you’re still in the lobby waiting for people to join.

I wish we had the possibility to communicate with our opponent[s] mid-game D:


I know, just needed to know since a lot of new people are playing now which is good but they don’t always know what to do so I’m trying to help them :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be nice to communicate with the other team though I agree


Well that would lead to trolling and smack talk. No one needs that. :slight_smile:


There may have a bug there.
I can’t use the chat while the hunters are on the Laurie-Anne at the beginning of the hunt. But it works well after this.
The thing is that the chat box appear, I write my text and then, the chat box don’t appear for me (and the other?)


Well that would lead to trolling and smack talk. No one needs that. :slight_smile:

Not necessarily. Sure, there would be some smack talk and salitness sometimes, but there’d also be a good amount of “GLHF” “GG” “Wow, close fight in the second dome, you almost had me!” and so on.

I would just really like the option to be there. Then if someone is talking smack or acting immature, give us an option to mute a single person or disable all-chat. :slight_smile:


You can type to the opposite side!



before your message and everyone in the game will see it!


Need to smack talk the monster when hes getting rekt.


How long has this been possible? Is it brand new with the update or has it been like that for a long time?

I’ve seen people talking about this on forum and reddit since launch and never heard we could do this. Hope it’s new. Would feel very silly if not x)


It’s new with the update!


Phew, then I don’t feel so silly :slight_smile:
But awesome it’s there!

I’ve been handing out a lot of “GG”'s and “gl hf :D”

I finally have the power that I have sought for, for so long!