Quick Question about User Card Badges


What are User Card Badges?


Click on someone’s name (on a pc, not mobile) the little pop up is the User Card.


As a regular I can’t have one correct?


Mountain is talking about this I’m pretty sure.



It won’t work on mobile.


Nope, this


Oh okay so now that I know where a User card badge is located
What is exactly for?

Can someone else draw a arrow to where the Badge is?


It’s like a quick profile view without leaving the topic you’re in.


Okay now I know that

Does anyone have a badge? Cause when I select one it says I have none. When do I get one?


You have one.


Are these the badges?

I’m having a really hard time understanding what these look like and why I don’t have one


It’s not a badge like you’re thinking. In the picture above, it’s the mini profile pop-up.


I click on this and it takes me…

To this and I have none


Oh so then that means I can save them?


Ohhh, that. That’s blank/empty for everyone. It would need to be setup by the admin.


Oh, okay. Do you know what’s there?


Pictures is my guess, but beyond that. Nope.


Okay thank you

You may close this now as my question was answered