Quick question about Tier 5 skins



  1. Will we be getting skins (full body and/or weaponry) for tier 5 hunters?

  2. If so, do you have a general, approximate-ish, somewhat half accurate shot in the dark ETA for them?

I’m just a little curious as to if and when I can give Kala a fabulous arm.

Thanks to anyone who responds.


Each tier 5 hunter have a couple of weapon skins I believe.

Kala skins:

^ Gold is from a Legacy “challenge.”

I don’t know when they’ll be available in the store though.


Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait.


When was this gold challenge?

And what’s that pinkish blue one up above? I have the Victory one…But did I somehow miss the challenges for those other two? As far as I recall, I played every single challenge weekend…


That’s Kala’s Jellyfish skin. It was a DLC skin back in Legacy. As far as I know, it’s not unlockable/buyable in Stage 2.


Rats. Literally the only challenge weekend I did not do…

And they usually do not release challenge skins after they’re done. Especially not gold ones…RIP. :cry:


Founders get all gold skins, except for Goliath.

TRS does plan on releasing previously released skins so people can still earn them.


Are you one hundred per cent sure?

Not trying to be rude, I just want to be sure before bothering devs with a bug report.


Closer look at the image:

Plus in previous thread it is mentioned that Goliath Gold will not be given away, but maybe another challenge to earn it again.



Here is the quote stating the status on Goliath Gold Skin:

Link: No Goliath Golden skin challenge?

(So it looks like there won’t be a chance to earn it since TRS wants to keep it as an “early play status” reward. Kinda sucks, but it’s reasonable. TRS wants to thank people for sticking with them, just like how TRS made Founder Status instead of ignoring players in the past.)


Oh, I have all of the other gold skins. I just really wanted the Kala one. :cry:

So founders automatically get all gold Monster skins. But not Kala’s.

As I said, I’ve done literally every single challenge except for that one…Damn.

Anyway. Thanks for the fast replies mate.


Yes… unfortunately… But not Gold Goliath.

Yeah it kinda sucks to have that once challenge be a “Play and get the skin.” I think they did that with Lennox and Jack Union Jack skins too.

4:30 in the morning, can’t sleep, haven’t slept in a week, I think I might be mentally preparing for college… lol…

I'm doomed....