Quick question about monster foot prints


We know that in order to avoid leaving footprints the monsters can travel through water or sneak. I was just watching the trailer again and noticed the Goliath wasn’t seeming to leave foot prints on metal floors. Was I just not seeing them or do foot prints not appear on surfaces other than dirt, mud, ect? If so, will there be maps where tracking Goliath be next to impossible due to a lot of this kind of terrain?


It’d make sense that footprints don’t show on metal floors, but I imagine most maps will have a lot of outdoor areas because of the fact Goliath needs wildlife to eat on. Unless there’s some sort of animal research facility where all of the food is in pens for you or something


True, but it would also make sense that a 10 ton monster with massive claws would scratch the floor as well and his feet after coming out of mud or water wont be squeaky clean so he’d leave muddy footprints or a trail of water so theoretically it could be tracked that way but idk about ingame


I suppose so, maybe they just go invisible in combat. I’m going to watch the 4v1 trailer and see if I can work that out


Footprints lose their blue glow when fighting the monster. But this might have changed so I’m not gonna say my word is definite


As is most often the case, @Plaff is right. Footprints are used for tracking the Monster, so when you are fighting him, the glow disappears. As he runs away and you lose sight of him and are no longer damaging him, the glow returns.


So another question about footprints. I know the footprints will only glow for a certain amount of time before they disappear, but will you still be able to visibly see these footprints for any amount of time after the glow goes away?


i saw one gameplay and goliaths foot prints apear on rock surfaces he must be so heavy he makes craacks on stone floor


Found this in a gameplay video. Goliath’s footprints do show on metal surfaces, but only as a glow. So when they were fighting him in the interactive trailer the glow vanished because they were in combat


Thanks for this screen shot.