Quick question about Lazarus


What if your team comes across an elite tyrant. You guys kill it, take the buff, then Lazarus revives it. Can the monster come back for the buff later? What exactly happens to that albino tyrant?


If he revives an elite tyrant the tyrant is still an elite tyrant. Those who did not pick up the buff previously can kill the tyrant again and pick it up.


Yes the Monster can grab the buff even after it has been revived. Neither the Hunters or the Monster can grab the buff a second time though.

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If Laz revives a dead Tyrant then the next thing that happens is Laz gets snacked on. Every time.


a really troll-y tactic to use with an abe-laz combo is any wildlife or buffs you kill, revive them after darting them. that way there aren’t any bodies for the monster to be suspicious about. the rest of the team should be hyde and hank. hank, to shield laz when he revives dangerous wildlife and hyde to punish body camping.

I’ve never used this before, but i’d love to hear how it turned out if you try it! :smile:


Not if you cloak.


You can actually dodge both Tyrants and Megamouths if you are quick.
I love to do it.


Or his teammate… :smiley:


o_O why wouldn’t you leave the tagged wildlife alive in the first place for the same effect with much less effort?


If you’ve got Laz, you want the healing buff!


because maybe it has a buff or your team are morons and you and your abe friend are the only competent ones.

I know its a rare situation, but that doesn’t mean it cant be exploited.


Ohhh that took a lot of re-reading to understand. I think I get you now. This tactic involves reviving elite monsters AFTER you’ve taken the buff so that the monster has to fight for the buff, right?. I was confused when you wrote “that way there aren’t any bodies for the monster to be suspicious about” because you don’t have to kill wildlife to tag them. Did you mean to write “any wildlife with buffs”?


Reviving the tyrant would only be smart is you are in a dome with the monster and you are afraid the monster might get a nibble off on it

If you dont revive it then It will slowly decay so then the monster wont have the ability to get it later on


I mean, if the rest of your team are morons, killing everything they see, it extends to anything they leave behind.


It might actually psych the monster out if you kill everything because he will likely assume all the wildlife is tagged, lol. The 15 second cooldown on the Lazarus device would make it impossible to revive at the rate that teammates are destroying reavers and mammoth birds. Man, it’s frustrating when teammates kill everything when you’re Abe, and you can’t tag stuff. I would just tell them over the mic, dude.


sometimes mic isn’t possible (for reasons I cant comprehend), but I never thought about that, with the dead-body mindgames. abe is the perfect hunting for morons trapper lol


breezy - you ‘are’ aware I hope that you can tag the dead stuff too. Just aim at the carcass and fire. >_>


Ah my bad haven’t played Abe in ages. Still I remember that feeling of annoyance when team mates would shoot all the wildlife they saw