Quick question about Evolve v1.0


Hello guys, I just have a quick question and I dont mean it bad or insulting in any way. Because of the playerbase getting smaller and smaller I was wondering,lets say the devs are about to leave the game if it would be possible to bring the game back to v.1.0
pls dont ask me why would I want that blablabla…
just want to know if its possible to go back and forth between base built and latest version

  • The playerbase has been fairly consistent.

  • I highly doubt this ever being a possibility and I wouldn’t hold your breath for it.


While you are updating your game to TU 9.0

You can play Evolve v. 1 in a story mode . If you want to keep version 1 … you can stop the update . You will not be able to play multiplayer though

Not 100% sure


The only way to play Evolve back in its release-era state would be to uninstall the updates and play offline.

While it would be fun to move about like crazy as Wraith again killing bots would become fairly dull fairly quickly.


how do you uninstall the updates?
or do you mean completely reinstall the game?


Well on SeXbox Juan I would just go to Manage Game and I think I’d have to uninstall the whole game then reinstall it but then go offline before even loading up the game again.

Never really done it myself but I think that’s how it works.

Computers can be a little more specific on what they delete so it’d probably be easier for PC users.


I would assume that if you did that you’d only be able to use Tier 1-3


You’d have to have the physical disc. The in-store version of the game is always current.


Well I use disc so I dunno about the Download version but with Xbox One games we still need to actually install the game into the hardrive in order to play it. Physical copies have the discs as a “key” to play the game at that point.


Just enable “Blatant Crippling” mode!

Hunter Favored, Low Wildlife, Infinite Strikes, and slap Cabot and Parnell into the group!

Oh how fast Wraith could melt against those aimbotting sons of… I mean… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not a difficulty hike in a traditional sense, but until we have Skill-Level AI difficulties (I can dream, yes?), it’s the best we can do… turning Hunters into nigh-unstoppable killing machines that can literally just brute force past the rather silly antics they pull, like Sloth Wrestling :stuck_out_tongue: