Quick question about Bucket

The longest win streak I have had was in a premade with Bucket, Maggie, Laz, and Markov. We would create killzones and anytime the monster was after someone you just zip into the killzone and watch the armor and health vanish.

I love Bucket. He can have some insane damage output if he is played right and your team plays to his advantage (i.e. sticking by his turrets). I never thought he needed the buff he ended up getting with patch 5.0, but now that he has gotten it he feels insane to me.

One thing a lot of people do that really cuts down on Bucket’s effectiveness, and I think is part of the reason people frown on him, is over use his drone. A lot of players seem to think that Bucket’s drone needs to be used everytime it’s off cool down and it results in that Bucket player constantly lagging behind the rest of the team and not being present for much of the battle whenever the monster gets domed.

Lastly, I haven’t seen anyone else mention this but Bucket has always felt extremely effective against Wraith to me. I’ve experienced both sides of this (playing as Bucket against Wraith and vice versa) and in virtually every case Bucket just seems to give Wraith fits. I absolutely hate seeing a Bucket come up when I am playing a Wraith, he just makes me feel like I cannot accomplish anything without taking a ton of damage, and trying to take out his turrets with Wraith feels about as effective as banging my head into a wall.

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His Drone might as well not even exist as far as I am concerned. It takes too long to use and barely lasts any decent amount of time. Its a ton of work for no reward.

If Bucket knows where to put those turrets for optimal annoyance and damage and the team is coordinated and great at mitigating health loss then Bucket can really shine. I have beat some really good monsters with Bucket. It can be done. Its just a riskier choice.

Zippin - Thanks man that is a pretty insightful post. I appreciate your take on the topic and I will consider that when I am playing hunter next time.

@ Sly - you too thanks for the input, very helpful.

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Bucket’s drone can be helpful, but you have to recognize when it’s appropriate to use it. It’s great to use right before the dome drops so you can see where the monster is running. I also use it if the monster has cornered himself in a section of the map but we don’t know exactly where he is and don’t want him to escape; though you should communicate with your team when doing this so they don’t go in too early and either dome the monster without you or let him slip away.

The problem for most people is that they use the drone when everyone (or at least some hunter players) already knows where the monster is and they don’t tell anyone they are using it.

I know the proper times to use and I often do. Its just the dang lock on time is so easy to mess up it often makes it take longer than it should because they moved a pixel and that’s when I get annoyed by it and wish I just had Cabot’s dust cloud.

Buc is like anathr assolt in the team so you play with 2 assault and 0 support and this can work very well if you have laz on the game actually only if you have laz