Quick question about Bucket

Ok, I have been playing a lot of monster recently and I love it. I managed to get on a ten game win streak last night (and still did not rank out of bronze…umm what? Great rank system there lol) and I got to realize that every time I fight against bucket I win. Not having the support of Hank or Sunny (I am about %50 on Cabot roughly) makes the fight very easy for me.

However when I play hunter, it is incredibly frustrating to see bucket pop up all the time and the players extolling the virtues of what I see as a useless support. The only exception I see is when paired with Abe, bucket could help locate the monster. Other than that, I am not seeing his value over Hank or Sunny.

My question; at say Silver and above are people using a lot of Bucket?

Thanks for your time, and yes I lied I came back, and I am playing a ton. For the people that have read my previous posts.

People aren’t using Bucket a lot because the game is balanced around having a support with shield.
However, he is not half bad if you know what you are doing, though a full health stage 2/3 with Bucket, assuming the monster is equally skilled and you are going to have a bad time, yes.

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Thanks for the response, don’t get me wrong I think Bucket is a cool hunter and I really have fun playing him, but when I see him in the line-up I know it’s not going to be a hard fight for me as the monster.

You need a good team to make some of the characters work, and even then they sometimes only work with other characters.

In general Hank, Laz/Caira, Maggie, and Hyde are pub proof. That is to say a these characters work better with less organization.

I see that combo a lot. Hank imo is the biggest pita when played even moderately well. When he is on the hunt team I know it could be a hard fight. I am not impressed with Hyde’s damage output but that maybe more the player. Thanks for the response.

Not everyone is like you. :stuck_out_tongue: See, Bucket’s a stomper. If the monster’s not going to be on point I’d prefer a Bucket to a Hank because he’ll kill the monster faster and I know I’ll be able to keep everyone up.

People expect inferior foes most of the time and plan for it. Shrug.

That aside, an ESL level Goliath- @Deanimate- said that he believes Bucket is a good strong choice, so I really don’t know. I think he’s viable vs Goliath/Behemoth…But then a lot of things are. :s

I know not everyone is like me, ergo I asked for insight on the topic. That alone would make your opening statement redundant.

On to the important part, I lost once to a team that had bucket on it, and that was do to an incredible Lazarus more so than anything else. I don’t really notice his damage that much as a matter of fact he is usually one of the last or the last hunters I deal with since he is so meh.

Now, having said all that, let me say I am stuck in Bronze as well. That was my point behind the question is it just the players at this level or is Bucket just a fun but mostly useless Hunter. Also, this pertains strictly to Hunt. So there may be players that can make Bucket work higher up but as far as where I have been thus far, I am not seeing it.

For the record, I don’t want everyone to be like me, and I appreciate your point of view.

Sorry if the first statement came off as rude, it was not meant to be.

It’s less a case of the Bucket player being good and more a case of everyone playing to his strengths. Setting up a turret killbox in a good spot to kite is great, but everyone on the team has to play around it, and that’s something even a lot of premades can’t manage, I feel. It takes a lot of coordination.

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I love Bucket in my Team The Torvald/ Bucket / Laz / Maggie Combo is pain for the Monster

Replace Maggie with Jack; stay on the corpse? TONNE of damage. Move off the corpse? Laz swoops in and Jack keeps you off the body for long enough, cuz Jack.


Yeah jack is great 2 but hard 2 use for New Players i think Maggie is the Best trapper against Goliath she can be very annoying

Lots of Buckets try to save all 5 sentries and not to max Buckets damage. Bucket is already a multitasking-monster.

Bucket is only a good pick when you have Laz on the Team.
Bucket can punish monsters for body camping with turrets, and strikes on team mates are less important because they can be negated or brought right back.

Anyone other then Laz, and you should be picking a Support with a shield.
There is really no other way to stop a Monster from focusing on someone aside from shields.
Or at the very least slow them down so they can be damaged or lose interest.

I still think the Support class skill should have been shields instead of cloak.

I’m 50th in the world as the Buck on ps4,man where do I begin? He’s so good in the right hands,Bucket is the Allrounder of hunters that can match Assault for damage can help find the monster for the trapper and can help medics I.E Laz protect dead bodies! Also his turrets are so good if your Assaults not on form

Buckets my favourite support hands down,show him more respect he’s god dam great!!

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Bucket is pretty good these days, especially against Kraken. In the right comps he is devastating. If you are always winning against him you’re just not playing good Buckets. I’ve lost a dozen or so matches since Hunt 2.0 was released and at least half of those were bucket comps. The damage output is insane.

Bucket is the next Kraken. Due to other glaring hunter balance problems his issues will be ignored. But 3 to 4 updates from now as the rest of the hunters get balanced his power is going to become center stage and we’ll start seeing nerf threads.

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81th at PC. Think the same.

Torvald and bucket are great buddies. I love it when I get a bucket as torvald because I toss the grenade out all the time so the monster is never not covered in targets.

Those turrets are little bit too tough. They should have like 1.5x the hp of mines, if that.

Yes, most stuff works vs goliath and bob :expressionless:

I think you do almost need laz to make bucket properly viable as you can get people down pretty quick, unless buckets cloak saves them, but laz can negate that. With buckets super buff the damage he does is huge in a very short amount of time. Couple that with having to camp bodies to get a strike or draw laz out you can lose the game fast. I honestly think he may need some tuning as sometimes it just seems like you take too much damage and literally one mistake can you lose you the game (laz reviving someone).

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Bucket is strong now but I’d still prefer a Hank in almost every situation. If Hank wasn’t so OP I’d feel better using the other supports.

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