Quick Pre-Order Question: Language


Simple question here but if I pre-order Evolve from Italy to come to Italy will the game only be in italian? I love my country but I prefer my games in english. If I have to pre-order it from england that’s fine but I would like to be informed. Thank you.


It could work differently if you are on PC or PS4, but when I had an xbox 360 you could go into the settings and change your system language. This would change the language of every game you owned to that language if it is supported. When I was learning Spanish I changed my system to Spanish and I played Battlefield with Spanish voices and text.

This is probably similar on the X1. I don’t know how it works on PS4 or PC because I haven’t yet bothered to change languages on the PS4 and I’ve never played on PC.


I know of this, there was a similar feature on the ps3 but some games, even though they had an english copy wouldn’t access the english language so if you put the system setting to english, the language you would get in game could be french e.g. dishonored. I’m just asking to make sure that the copies aren’t “language-locked” to make sure that I pre-order the copy I want.


We can find out. If I don’t get you an answer on Monday, send me a message (in case I forgot.)


thanks, much appreciated.


So what’s the outcome? I want to know that too :C


i was away but unfortunately no answer as of yet try and contact him yourself