Quick play mode! Hunt is far from Quick! :/ What is your Game Mode?


Quick play mode frustrates the life out of me, 3 game modes in one click, It always seems to be the same 5-6 maps hunt and arena, defend? maybe there is more than Calico to play in this mode. I’m not a run in guns blazing kinda player, I enjoy the hunt mode but its frustrating, the match making thing doesnt give me any games and if it does its after been searching for literally 40mins, maybe thanks to my region.

So if i want to play hunt I can wait 40 mins or i can keep leaving Quick mode games until it gives me a Hunt match.

What would be the solution to this? maybe have a quick mode for each style of gaming, go to arena have a quick match or defend or hunt, no setting up just a game mode you want to play, the contrast between modes in gaming style doesnt suit every player, I just dont think the quick mode thing accomadates everyone, It should still exist but do something like a seperate button or instead of vote to pass have a vote to play or refresh kinda like the gtav system for choosing a game mode you would like to play.

Are you a Defend player? An Arena player or a Hunt type player? or just dont care what mode you play? :slightly_smiling:

Anyways as always thanks for reading and lookin forward to the feedback :slightly_smiling:


that bad matchmaking of quickplay is the reason i hv destroy my undefeated silver-expert record on hunt 2.0

now im finally Bronze-destroyer and can play hunt as monster so much i want and dont need to wait 5 hours :stuck_out_tongue:


Hunt player mainly

defend pub friendly for low hunters ( it shouldn’t be removed ) but I wish quick play prioritize hunt … Then arena … then defend


And you’re complaining about the acid Nerf for Gorgon. … Ah … I am sure bronze hunters think the acid pool is not doing any damage lol … That is the reason u might be still in destroyer …

You r bronze destroyer … Get to silver elite and above … Then you can be qualified to say your opinion about balance


He/She purposefully threw games to be a bronze in order to play the game. Besides that, everyone’s opinion matters. Even low level players. The game flopped because(partially) of a huge skill curve. TRS is trying to reduce the curve while maintaining depth.

So every judgement CAN be valid. Plus, keep it civil.


Everyone in here is free to share their opinion friend.


So do you mean I gotta play and wait and wait to upgrade my medals and then I start having to wait less and less? Do I get a medal for patience to :stuck_out_tongue: my medal is pretty low down so if there isnt many at that same level being noobs I will find it hard to get a game therefore find it hard to rank up


Sadly, my gamemode currently is Solo. It just got too frustrating to get matched with 3 morons against a half-way to full-way good monster every single time. Ranked matches take too long to get into, are too stressing and I am not even granted to get equally skilled teams. (Mostly one side is just destroying the other).

In solo I am guaranteed to play with 3 retards, yes. But I am also guaranteed to get an equally retarded Monster. It’s sad to say but I am having way more fun that way. :confused:


the best way to do it is get a crew together that will play together, I am a goliath player i dont use other monsters, although I am getting better, ( learning curve = game, new to pc,tried xbox 360 and xbox 1 controller and now getting to grips with my steam controller,) although i came from ps3 and was always used to that controller, I have to say though I am brutal at being a team member, I get bored generally and we usually get screwed so just havent had sufficient practice, playing the game 4 weeks roughly and my first pc game kinda, gtav is nothing in comparison to this game.

what platform do you use?


I know that is the best way, but besides the problem of getting one, then what? Do I have to wait for everyone to get online when I want to play? Do they expect me to be online when they want to play? I dont really have a regular schedule and the times when I play are dependend on nothing but mood.
The best way for me personally would be to play Monster. And I think I will once Behemoths bugs are mostly fixed since he is the only Monster that I can manage to control properly.


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