Quick, lend your hope/hype to the voodoo spirit bomb!


The final hour is upon us, can we do it? Will our time throwing giant dunk-boulders be rewarded?

LEND YOUR HOPE, LEND YOUR HYPE!!! :goliath_roar: :basketball:


We must worship the holy Goliath.



No worries my friens . Even if we get 300k throw at all we would get the skins. TRS guys will just say : Yay our huge comunity completed the 1000000 challenge!

You wanna know why? Comunity is still dying and is pretty low at the moment , so TRS cant afford to not give us the skin and say : “Ya you know comunity is dying thats why you havent acomplished the goal” cause it will repel more people if TRS will admit that

Hope you get the point of what I was talkung about


Don’t bring logic into this spirit bomb :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: