Quick interview for school project


I have a math project and I need to interview 35 people on these short questions.
list your age, your gender and how many phones you have/had.

thank you so much! :relaxed: :smiley:


I would just try and create a anonymous survey if it’s just those 3 questions. Monkeysurvey or Google Survey should work. Otherwise some people might not wish to answer on a live forum.


oh ok…thx


Age- 42
Gender- Wolf/Dragon hybrid
phones- What even is a phone though? Like, is it just our minds version of a voice that’s speaking to us from another dimension? Or is it truly like a piece of metal that has a soul in it. I have this theory that phones are really just the dead ghosts that float around and posses anything that can project voices. That way when your “talking to someone on the phone” your actually talking to a spirit acting like a person.

Good luck on your survey mate, glad I could help.


screw this im ganna go play evolve now


10 char


Age - 24
Gender - Male
Phones - 6

I don’t see what this has to do with math though


A form of statistics, maybe :grin:


Wtf math in my school sucked. Always just crunching numbers or learning about crunching numbers

I wanna learn how to crunch wildlife and hunters, they should teach that in school


22 years old. Female. One phone in my entire life.


21 years old Male 3 phones.


21, female- had about uhh… 3, no wait, 4 phones.

edited because I had to do a doubletake and realise I wrote my age wrong


Currently own like 3 personally more in family I must of had maybe 10


32, male, 8 phones


Yeah… why not lie and make your interviews up? Or if you need evidence that says you actually interviewed 35 people then you’re ok.


14 Years old

Gender : Indominus Rex, undefined.

Two phones so far.


Jesus Christ you go through phones like I go through…Wow. What were you doing with them? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I have a Galaxy S4 now, going backward… Droid Razr (cracked screen), Droid 2 (sucked), Droid (cool but got old), A phone with an internal and external keyboard (can’t remember the name), LG Chocolate, crappy flip phone from college and then my very first phone.

Oops, that’s 8.




I have an iPhone 4 that I’ve had since I was like 17. When I first came to my country. First and only phone. :stuck_out_tongue: