Quick (Hopefully) Question About Val

So. Val. Pretty strong right now. And just generally a lot of fun to play. Being a Medic main, I can’t, in good conscience, ignore Val anymore. She has now earned herself a regular slot in my Medic rotation.

I consider myself to be a pretty good Val player too. Tranqs on point. Weak points. Positioning. One skill that still eludes me though. Healing cloaked players. When should it be done? Is there a health threshold to do it at? A shift in focus of the Monster? Other factors at play?

So to all of you Val mains if your Support is hurt and being focused down, after they pop their cloak, what do you look for when deciding whether or not to put the Medgun on them. Because you’re effectively neutralizing their cloak if you do. Do you have them get close for a heal burst? What if that’s not an option at the moment?

Feel free to interject your own hypothetical (or real things that you experienced) gameplay situations to explain. I’m sure I’ve experienced a fair few of them myself. Thanks to anyone who can help me improve this 1 weak spot in my Val game. :yum:

If they are seriously low on health and the Monster knows generally where the are then you must heal. If they have high health, leave them to give them a chance to escape. If a cloaked player has shaken the Monster so well that it is now going towards another player, you can heal them. But always remember to not leave the new one being focused for dead :smile:

Also, remember to try to get in range of heal burst so the Monster has no idea where they are.

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Oh crap… well next time I go against you online I will be prepared for permatranq! :sweat_smile:

Val scares me these days.

Regardless of the role, this is what I do:

If the monster is focusing them, and they’re getting very low, and protective hunter equipment isn’t doing enough or will soon break (cloaked, but the monster is good at tracking, or shields but they’re failing), then I’ll riskily dive bomb in and fire off a heal burst, and use my other 3 jetpack dodges to save myself if the monster changes their focus.

Typically this gets the hunter up to decent health, and the monster either bails because they’re mad they can’t break through, or the support / trapper do their thing to further mitigate for the focused hunter. Sometimes the pieces don’t come together, and the hunter will go down. Get high, get far, and bring them back up. If the monster is focusing them to death, then you gotta hope your teammates rip the monster a new one because no one is going to be able to protect an immobilized ally. Can’t dodge.

If the monster focuses me, I tranq it and then just start hipfiring the sniper into its face while I try to gtfo and get to my support or run past the trapper to get the aggro peeled off me.

TL;DR: If they’re going to go down, rescue them (unless it’s in a really bad place like you’ll be cornered).

It depends. If they pop cloak while being actively focused their cloak will be literally worthless so just heal them up. If not, if they’ve cloaked and are out of the fray, wait for them to hide/get in position and then start healing.

The Heallburst is also a good way of discreetly healing an invisible player.

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You should stick to healing whoever is getting attacked at the moment if the monster gives up on the cloaked hunter, and try to healing burst that cloaked hunter while healing the other one. If the monster targets the support hunter while he is cloaked, wait until you can see how bad of a situation the player is in before healing. If you can tell the monster lost the hunter, then proceed to heal other teammates until that hunter is completely out of danger.

It’s a take and go thing. If they are being focused (like many have already said), then the cloak isn’t doing them any favors.

If they are low on health but I see the cloak made the monster lose them I will pop the heal burst to heal them first so I don’t give away position. If the monster moves away or goes for some one else I start using the medgun.

When you see them cloak my usual method is put in a tranq and heal burst so they have breathing room.

With the 12s HB i dont encounter this problem as much as i used to. Healburst is great as long as you tell them to run towards you so you dont have to waste precious jp fuel.

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Well OP it is situational and while all this text helps some it really comes down to you and your decision. You as the Medic need to make the call. Generally you’ll want to keep them from getting so low on HP but of course this is difficult to fully avoid in a match.

In the end it’s up to you. If you are talking with your support then use communication to help you make the decision.