Quick guide to Hunter movement and Fuel management



maybe at the end of the beta this comes a bit late, but i still see many people who are moving across the map in a really slow way. So i just want to describe how i do it in order to keep up with a monster. of course the monster is always faster and you will never be constantly behind him, just long enough so he has almost no time to feed.

First of all your Jetpack: you have 4 Bars worth of fuel, every Boost takes a bit over 1 Bar (1 Bar initial and like 5mm of the next deplete while descending… (intentional?)). This means you can effectively Airdodge 3 times in a row before you have to recharge. Recharging kicks in some seconds after the use, so its best to charge from depleted to full, not to the first bar then use it again. This is NOT effective.

Always try to move at the top of the map and dodge from hill to hill. NEVER hold jump and float around. This is slow, reeeeeaaly slow. Only hold jump to climb surfaces and grab edges, avoid climbing high surfaces if able. This is how most monster can shake you off though, their climbspeed is unmatched… try to anticipate where they want to go, fire up your map and go around or climb it and at least spot the monster from your team. you should always have 2 people flat out chase the monster and 2 (the trapper) flank it. The two people (best for this are Assault and Medic) take potshots so it can not feed and the Trapper tries to get an arena on his head when it comes in their direction.

While chasing it can be a good idea to refrain from shooting it, so it might get a sense of security and start feeding (wasting time)… but most monsters just run until they are 300 meter away… so just shoot and ask questions later!

My perk is almost always 50% jetpack recharge. It makes you so much more/ mobile than any other perk. 15% Top speed sounds fine, but overall the Jetpack is just to important. This is kinda sad for the other perks, but maybe there are other strategies where they come in handy.

With the support go for cloak and close the distance as much as possible, then when it feeds set an orbital and/or dome on his head and he is in for a big surprise. Remember it cant sniff cloaked hunters!

Now when it actually comes to a fight, NEVER hold down space. YOU.WILL.GET.HIT. its so easy to anticipate the landing zone by the flight trajectory and stomp/lightning strike. stay on top of hills or in the back of the monster on the ground. If it wants to snack you, dodge sideways or back. repeat until it loses interest. Charge, Stomp and Lightning strikes are easily dodged and this is some serious damage avoided. It helps your medic a lot and he will be gratefull! (Except Lazarus, that dick wants to see you dead).

TL:DR: NEVER hold jump, always use dodge to move.

I hope i can help some guys out there with my 40h alpha experience. Maybe then the monsters are not that overpowered after all (i thought so a long time, but as i got better and better i finally managed to keep up to it… so if all 4 Hunter can effectively chip it down it might be not so OP after all.



Well said people have got to learn how to efficiently use fuel so they can dodge during combat, anoher thing is keep lines of sight meaning dodge where the val/hank can see you.