Quick fixes that could go a LONG way! (PC)


OK, so here is my first post of many. I am sure that what I am saying here has been echoed in other posts, but I wanted to throw my 2 cents down. Here are a few things that I assume do not, from an outside perspective, seem like herculean tasks, that would drastically improve game play, without breaking anything.

1: First and most important, social functions for Steam. The hunter groups need to be able to run consistent games together, and running around with pugs is almost NEVER fun. At the moment we have to exit the game entirely to add new people to steam, even if we are in the same lobby. Seems like it would be simple to add this under the “Player Options” tab instead of just having it for the mute function. Would also be very handy if we could see the people we play with in Evolve in the “Recently played with” section.

2: Vote to Kick. Let me present you with a situation that happened to me personally yesterday, is all to common, and by itself necessitates this function, regardless of how it may or may not be ‘abused’. You, and a group of people have formed a team, doing some SERIOUS in game practice time with each other, schedules being tight. Its decided that the most effective use of time is ‘Evacuation’, because the story is more fun, the games come faster, the bonus Exp, and it seems likely that tournament play will be ‘Evacuation’ based. You have played a few rounds of Evac, and have found a monster that really challenges your skill. You finally manage to win 3 rounds in a row, when suddenly, the medic(myself), DC’s for a moment. You jump in as quickly as you can, but a pug is already in the lobby. Your team kindly asks the guy to leave, as does the monster, and the guy says absolutely NOTHING. He then proceeds to play selfish Lazerous, gets the team killed trying to earn achievements (we think that’s why he kept doing crazy shit), and then does the same thing again on Defend, at the end leaves a message saying he “stayed for the EXP”, then bails. Soaking up 40 min of our precious practice time, and stealing EXP he didn’t earn. NO MORE. For this and a hundred other reasons, NO MORE. Who cares if you get kicked because the guys you are playing with are dicks and decide to kick you for playing poorly…they are dicks, don’t play with them. Its too easy to disco and have you’re whole team be screwed, especially with how often he servers have been dropping people.

3: Report bug option: I can confirm that TRS is recording every game we play, (I can download them on my mobile app and watch them from a heat map, so I figure you have every second) Instead of relying on players to come to the forum and report an issue, why not have a function that allows players to flag a match as having a problem. Nothing fancy, just a button at the end loading screen to flag the match. If its a known issue, maybe have them select from a list of bugs, and have an “other” with a comment section. We are on PC after all, and all have full keyboards. Maybe give them a game number to reference in the forums when they show up here. Seams to me like this single feature would probably streamline so much of the bug patching process. (Like having a mechanic actually LOOK at whats wrong with your car, instead of just “making the noises” like an idiot)

4: Actual skins for the Hunters: I would ABSOLUTELY buy a skin/pack to help support the studio, and because I like my class. However I refuse to pay for a slight color difference on my weapons. Hell even in CS, which I think has something akin to the long term revenue structure 2K seems to be trying to emulate, the weapon skins can be free. Each hunter has really cool outfits, is it so hard to change those up a bit as well? (maybe so, I don’t know because I am not a programmer. That’s why this is the last on the list) I suppose I can understand the point that the weapons are the only thing I can see while in game, but that’s not why I buy a skin. (I don’t buy a t-shirt so I can look at it all day)

That’s it. I love the game, and sing it praises every where I go. 98 hours in game so far, streamed over 30 hours of play, and plan on doing a lot more. I would like to do anything I can to make sure this game is as long played and well loved as I know it deserves to be. Thank you all so much for what you do.


Got some really got suggestions in there. I would add an extra one:
5. Report player option: How many times has it occured to you that people were outright yelling and shouting at you? Just simply going afk and other shit like that? Right now there is no incentive whatsoever for people to change their behaviour.