Quick evolving


How are the monsters evolving in under 2 min of gameplay


Taking the right feeding routed early on where there’s the most meat. Usually mammoth birds. And if everything spawns when it should, really isn’t that hard.

Also, the search function is your friend, this question has been asked and answered a bunch before.


feeding perk


Movement speed and feeding speed perks also help getting a quick evolve off.


It’s much much rarer now than it used to be. Some maps have better feeding routes than others (more likely chance of high meat wildlife in one spot), and as others have said above taking feed speed or movement speed gets you through those wildlife pretty quickly.

Right now it should be generally the case that if someone is speed eating you’ll get birds (except if they’re lucky with cover, or on certain maps) so you should be able to catch them before they evolve… or generally once your team’s got game you’ll track the monster down anyway!

If you’re having issues with monsters evolving quickly then get your trapper to take Maggie. It’s extremely unlikely that a monster is speeding to evolve and also covering their tracks, so Daisy can get you to the monster probably the fastest of anyone with consistency.


Every good monster will know feeding routes on every single map. These are the routes filled with the most chance to spawn wildlife that is quick and easy to kill that give plenty of meats. Normally consisting of mammoth birds, marsh strider’s or anything similar.

Any good monster will aim to have either evolved before the first dome or be ready to evolve after the first dome has happened. Thats why when you catch a monster at stage 1 they will likely mitigate to avoid taking damage which is why it is best to get the tightest dome you possibly can.


That helps but isn’t needed


A good monster with a good feeding route can have the Evolve ready in about 70 seconds on average.


You only need half a dozen mammoth birds to be evolve ready. Hitting 2-3 groups, of 2-3 mammoth birds, boom- Evolve ready.

Most “good” monsters know very specific routes on the maps that run them right along the spawn-points of mammoth birds. Most of these paths also have striders in the middle to take up any slack. Every map has 1-2 of these routes. On some maps such as armory, with a bit of luck on the wildlife RNG (random number generator), and feed speed- You can literally be evolving by the time the hunters are even touching the ground (evolving by the 40-50 second mark). On MOST maps however, WITHOUT feeding speed- You can be evolve ready by the 1 minute to 1.20 mark, if the spawns are bad extend it out to about 1.30-1.40.

Most good monsters with average wild life spawns will be evolve ready by the time you meet them if you B-line STRAIGHT to where they will be.


There are some crazy spawns where lots of wildlife shows up. I know one time I found a literal buffet of striders on foundry. I believe there was atleast 10-15 of them.


How did you kill them if they were Strikers?


Fairly easy to do this with Behemoth in my opinion.


Goliath too.


Gah fixed that twice and it still changed it again.


Proper right plus feeding spot can have me Evolve ready before they cone off the dropship. I don’t usually use that perk anymore though.


feeding is my favorite perk. speeds up stage 1, helps in a fight for quick armor boosting or denying lazarus, helps if clock is counting down and you need to get armor back up. at 75% boost its a no brainer imo.


sometimes the monster can evolve by the time you touch ground from the first dropship.


That’s only possible on Refueling Tower from my play time.


Fastest I’ve hit Stage 3 was just under 3 minutes on Refueling Tower. Hunter team just sat the Relay… was so easy and funny… then I realized it was kinda boring.

Point is, it is very possible to Evolve very quickly as others have pointed out.


I tried doing that (going along good feeding routes) but virtually no food popped in before the drop ship. I mean, some did (a few striders, reavers, obsidian grubs, maybe even a sloth) but nothing made me ‘evolve ready’ until a short time after the drop ship.