Quick! Add Me On PS4!

My PSN is Eggbeatzz! Let’s play Evolve! :grin:

I’m on Xbone I can’t >.<

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I’m out shopping though! :open_mouth:

But PC master race :<
Also i moved this to looking for group ^.^

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xino_zero :smile:

I sent you a friend request :^)

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Fellow sword art online fan :smile:

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PSN is BlackMamba679


PC, can’t do it. ^.^

Add me : Eyal83

I mainly play as medic.
Playing almost everyday, I’m having a mic.


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Hey man. Looking for an assault/support player to play with? Im your guy! Message me or comment back!

To all of you! I’m leader of a clan called Nova that focuses on tactical Evolve gameplay! I am also the coordinator of the PS4 subdivision and would love to see any of you join. PM me or comment on my previous thread for details or if you’re interested.

Ok, off topic as hell, but I noticed that your profile pic has Torvalds head cut off, and my OCD is crushing my mind rn, so here, please, use this, spare my last shred of sanity ;-;

It’s okay, just don’t look at his picture. ^.^

Gomorz139 :smiley:

PSN = Decie123

I have a Mic

you have a ps4 if you do add me hohoho479

Hey add me up my psn is

The necro is strong with this one o.0