Quibbles? O.o


… After my favourite thread being derailed for a moment (culprits/cultists will soon be executed for their heinous crime >.<). I wanted to know what the origin of this… “Quibbles” is. Anyone who don’t know about this just wait with me for the answers >.<


Quibbles comes from the latin root quibus (which is in itlself a ablative/dative of qui [who/whom])…

That isn’t really helpful… but the use of it in the way you need is from 17th century (1610s) whereby the overuse of the word ‘quibus?’ in legal documentation resulted in ‘quib’ being used as a pun to denote something trivial being argued over.


It sounds like an adorable version of me


I didn’t mean that Quibbles >.<

I meant this Quibbles:

I googled the word “Quibbles” but didn’t match up with this >.>


well… proper referencing would help there.

The Almighty Quibbles origins are shrouded in mystery… but you can bet your ass it’ll visit you tonight in your sleep.


… are you… with them? O.o


I’ve got more electrified tenticles than Storm’s hentai collection.

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Uhhhh…That’s a nice description of yourself there >.<

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As the person they were planning on sacrificing to Quibbles I too have my curiosity piqued. :smiley:


Quibbles leads to Tribbles. Tribbles leads to hate. Hate… leads to suffering…


But Quirkly! You are an adorable version of yourself!


Oh stahp it you

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Wait I thought that was Quirkles!

MIDNIGHT! You lied to me!

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That’s what I call him. ^.^

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N-not intentionally!

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Sadly it doesn’t exist.

@HaughtyBiscuit Nice description. I know someone who’s even worse than you. And that thought alone scares the heck out of me.

@MaddCow Whaz.

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That’s just the way that Quibbles started.

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